Samsung Galaxy S10e (Your Choice)

Samsung Galaxy S10e (Your Choice)

What does “New - Open Box” mean whe it comes to your phones? Is it New or is it an Open Box?

It’s new but the box has been opened, likely to remove some warranty info.

Curious why warranty information would be removed?

We’re carrying the warranty, not Samsung.

Aside from the shorten warranty, is everything on the phone brand new, i.e battery, screen, other components?

Is this an unlocked phone that can be used with any GSM network, or does it HAVE TO be AT&T?
The first line on the description shows, “Note: Choose from phones that are carrier-locked to AT&T OR Verizon”, but on the description says “This phone is unlocked and compatible with GSM+CDMA/4G LTE networks.”

Yes, all components of the phone are in brand new condition. However, the box has been opened to remove certain marketing/warranty information that was specialized for a particular retailer. Additionally, various stickers have been applied to the outside of the box indicating that the units was checked-in & checked-out of the retailers warehouse management system.

Great question and thanks for catching our mistake. These units are locked to either AT&T or Verizon, depending on which model you buy. However, since these phone are brand new and don’t carry any kind of carrier contract, you could theoretically go to AT&T or Verizon and have them unlocked to work with other carriers.

And if, for some reasons, the phone could not be unlocked by AT&T and needed to be returned, would Woot cover the return shipping fee?

Here’s our return policy:

specs say usa/china processor is snapdragon 855. is that the one i will get if i buy this phone.

That is correct.

My order status is not yet shipped - preparing for shipment, order number #66255150. I’m confused, can help me?

She’s away for a few more days. You can reach customer service by clicking here , then click the “I need help” button next to your order and fill out the information they ask for. Someone should be able to help you out.

Should be worried? It’s normal?

The only time it’s happened on my account is when there was a refund processed. But do check with customer service and find out what happened.