Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (GSM Only)(New)

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (GSM Only)(New)

What’s the model number? SM-G985F/DS ? Or something else?

Make sure you do not want “5G”…That is why the price…

This is not a 5G phone…It does not have the “upgraded chip set”

My personal opinion…If you are buying a new phone at any “high price”…It must have the 5G chip set…

Why buy a lesser phone at this point…

Save your money until prices come down on the higher speed phones…


Here’s the model number for the black: SM-G985FZKJTPA DS

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The reason it’s so cheap is this is not the North American variant. Good luck getting Samsung to do any warranty work on it. Lack of 5G is the result of this not being the North American variant. Outside if a few parts of Japan and Korea no where else is close to being 5G and to be honest 5G is not really a consumer technology. Unless you are wanting to send everything about yourself including what you see and everything that is going on with your body to a server there is no need for that bandwidth from a mobile device.

I made the mistake of buying international version twice, many shortcomings, difficult to use payments apps, many apps made for US will not work. Again, as many folks pointed out earlier, why spend $800 on a phone with no 5G?

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iphone 11 starts at $700 and doesn’t have 5G, yet people gobble those things up. Woot is selling the iphone XS Max for $800. The XS is a 2 year old phone and people are buying them.

5G networks here in the US and internationally are in the infancy stages. So it’s almost pointless to buy a phone just for the 5G feature. I think 5G will be more ubiquitous in about 3 - 5 years. So just buy whatever phone suits your needs for now.

I’ve previously bought unlocked international dual SIM phones. It’s always a gamble due to the no warranty. But I’ve been lucky so far. Samsung seems to be the only one not offering flagship dual SIM phones in the US. If they did, I’d buy the US version for sure.

Mac people are different from rest of us!!! :grin: :smile: :joy:

Lol. This is true!

Hi there. This comes with a 90-day woot warranty. :w_happy1: