Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (S&D)

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (S&D)

These international variance with the exynos processor, are sold for really low prices. The s10e was as low as 135 or something.

I don’t know what it’s like to use one without the Snapdragon processor though. In terms of band compatibility or just general performance and battery life and thermals etc…

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This is the US version.

Do these have unlocked bootloader? I bought S10 last time from woot, which did not have unlocked bootloader which meant that I’m stuck with a phone that won’t get any security updates anymore.


Does “Scratch & Dent” condition mean the screen could be cracked, or would that be a different condition?

Also curious if this is US version, then wouldn’t it be a Snapdragon, not Exynos processor? At least according to my 10 seconds of Bing searching.

Thank you!

Hi there. Cracked, no. Scratches, yes some but not that inhibit use.

Here’s our guide:

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