Samsung Galaxy S3 I535 Verizon/GSM Unlocked



Bummer not for Virgin Mobile. Wife would like one of these.


I used to own this model of phone. When it was released in 2012, it was a top-of-the-line phone. Alas, the time for this phone is long past, as it is no longer receiving software upgrades (I think the last revision was 4.4.1), and I ended up getting my non-tech savy mother a S5 rather than give her this old phone, despite her request.

Now, if someone prefers to give their mother a S5 phone rather than their hand-me-down phone, that says something.


So these are carrier unlocked, but are they crippled with the locked Knox bootloader, so they cannot be rooted and receive custom roms? That’s critical. Current Cyanogenmod 12.1 Lollipop rom for this phone (aka d2vzw) is excellent. Great community support. There’s also an excellent custom kernel, “dkp” available via XDA developers forums–but only if the bootloader is not all Knoxed up.


Okay, so I assume these will not work with my carrier, Credo (which is on the Sprint network). Anybody know for sure? What about metropcs? Will they work with that?


Loved Loved Loved my S3 when I first got it. Great phone. That said - it is showing it’s age here, (we’re up to the S6 now) and will show it in lag and abilities (a lot of apps no longer work on anything under Kitkat) and so that can be a deal breaker for some.

But if you want a real dependable phone without too many bells and whistles - and maybe a couple of apps, this is the phone for you.


States unlocked but Verizon. Can this be used with any GSM provider or only Verizon?


It’s unlocked for Verizon & GSM.


Clear as mud


It will work on any carrier–these phones were, afaik, always unlocked from Verizon, like most of their 4G LTE phones. They also always had GSM capability, though one might need root access to flash “gsm ril blobs” in Androidese. Problem with these phones is that they appear to have been “updated” [aka, regressed] to the permanently locked bootloader foisted on many by VZW with the OTA Android 4.3 update. So basically, you’re stuck with the version of Android that comes on the phone and VZW’s TouchWhiz UI. There are better deals for more up to date replacement smartphones.


The wife STILL uses her S3, and it’s going strong. No app compatibility issues, surprisingly, but she’s not a power user.

A new Nexus 5X is on it’s way though, and should be here tomorrow.