Samsung Galaxy S4 For Verizon

I love Samsung and I have owned the S3, S4, and S5. I love all of my phones… of course the S3 is totally worthless now because it’s so outdated and runs like crap compared to the newer versions… but I love them anyway. I am shocked to learn that the S4 should last such a long time after being used. I have 1 home page of apps, where maybe 2-4 apps are used a day. I don’t use Facebook or messenger which I hear hogs memory… and I can never get my phone to last longer than 8 hours in a day on a charge and I might have only used it for 2 hours actively. I’m sorry to report that while the S4 has an INCREDIBLE camera… get an S5… It’s so much better. The battery lasts 3x longer and charges 4-5x. Used to take me 5 hours to fully charge and with the S5 takes a quarter of that with the lightning cable it comes with. :slight_smile:

Does this phone work on ATT and other GSM networks? It says it does in the specs but not sure if it will do 4g LTE on GSM.

With the right APN settings it you should be able to get 4G but probably no LTE

S4 is pretty solid, recently upgraded to lollipop, micro SD & removable battery. And the IR blaster is actually handy.
It’s definitely not a new phone, 3 years old, I’ve had mine almost 2 and still love it.
(tried htc 1 but returned it for the S4) the physical hardware button I also actually prefer over having only software buttons.
I run Nova launcher and have a ton of apps and games loaded, several widgets (clock, weather, etc), very few lags or issues besides typical slow downs with graphic intense games.
If you use oem quality chargers and cables, it charges decently quick, which is good because all day without a charge is tough, but there is software that quickly helps a bit, otherwise, I don’t know of, any smart phone’s that will last 18+hours of use without a charge, it’s nothing better or worse in my opinion.

And the Verizon bloatware isn’t too bad, you can disable and remove most of it.

I take advantage of holiday sales and I’m fine signing a contract to get a free phone (paid one cent for my S4 Christmas 2013), but for an off contract price, this a seems to be a decent price?

Usually they won’t as Verizon phones typically don’t have a SIM card slot that AT&T requires. I wouldn’t waste the money on trying seeing how Woot is a PITA with returns!

The Sim Slot works fine with the AT&T Sim because Verizon Now requires a sim card for 4G as it works on GSM Bands. Ive had success in the past while using the correct APN settings… Never had any luck with the LTE though.

It doesn’t clearly say that the phone is unlocked, as far as I can tell. Does anyone know for sure?

It is not unlocked.

One thing is that it says it has Android 4.3, not 5.1. That’s good.
The so-called upgrade Verizon and Samsung has to 5.1, and has the firmware version that ends in OC1, is locked so you can’t root. You therefore can’t change to another Android version.
If you do purchase this, and want to eventually root, do not accept the over-the-air upgrade.

Tracfone now accepts the S4 in their bring your own phone program (it has to be a Verizon). I now have a S4 that I pay less than $9.00 dollars a month for service. I don’t do a lot of talking on it but it is there for when I need it and can do all of the things that you need a smart phone for. It is good for light users like me, may not be so good for people who are constantly on their phone.

Anybody have an opinion (or knowledge of) the condition of scratch/dent. I know many times refurbished means like new but scratches and dents on a phone can have a sizable impact on it’s appearance.

I, too, would like to know of physical appearance. I can’t decide to purchase without better info on this.

I would not trust these or any other refurbs for a phone of this age. Most refurbishers do the bare minimum to get a liquid damaged phone operational, they skimp on testing. In the cellphone repair industry we see all the major refurbishers in our shop with numerous problems as a result of a bad refurbishment. That being said if your buying it for a certian case (rootting and usung as wifi hotspot) this might be a good deal because of the 4g LTE capabilities. The screen alone is $100. But for a main cellphone today you would want something new.

It’s been a while since Verizon used CDMA, been on LTE, and thus sim cards, for a few years now…

Consumer Reports recently advised against the “free” phone/2 year contract and recommends purchasing the phone (even on a 2 year payment plan) as there is a significant offset on monthly line access that happens immediately on a purchased phone. With a 2 year plan, the difference in access charge just keeps going, and going . . . Check out the article.

Verizon is still using CDMA for voice and 3G data, and LTE for high-speed data and very limited VoLTE (voice over LTE) coverage.

$144.00 for a 2 Gen old phone THAT is a scratch & dent model HIS ALSO (wait for it…) a freaking refurb???

This is a really bad joke… for a few hundred more you can buy a current model unlocked that IS A WORLD PHONE… yes, any carrier, any country. This could not be a worse deal.

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PS… sorry w00t but you had it coming on this one.