Samsung Galaxy S4 S&D Vrzn/GSM: 4 Colors

Any idea if I can use this on AT&T? Apparently, it only works with Verizon…

How scratched and dented are we talking?

Key question: Is the SCREEN scratched or dented?

Also, does this model take a SIM card? Is it global GSM (I work in Africa)?

Will they work on virgin mobile system?

Any of these work with Sprint?

So is the Samsung S4 phone unlocked as the title suggests or is it a Verizon phone as it says in the details?

I would guess that it would not, as only They don’t sell SIM cards for VM phones.

very confusing, what does it mean by Vrzn/GSM. Thought Vrzn used CDMA tech. Am I missing anything here?

I have the same unanswered question. Is it Verizon (cdma) or GSM? There’s no option to choose.

The S4 runs CDMA Verizon OR GSM

Tmobile run GSM

SO this phone will run on all networks.

At least that is my understanding.

Even though they may be unlocked for other networks it does not mean they will work at 4G DATA most likely they will on;y work at 2G data because of the differences in the radios. I am sure they will only work 4 G LTE on Verizon unless the radios have been modified.

This would be a bad choice to use on T-mobile.

The title says: Samsung I545 Galaxy S4 Scratch and Dent, Verizon or GSM Unlocked: 4 Colors

Verizon “OR” GSM…

However, the Samsung SCH-I545 is a Verizon (CDMA) phone, NOT an AT&T (or other provider) GSM phone.

If we could get confirmation that this is, in fact, a GSM LTE compatible SGH-I337 then I might purchase one.

This conflicting lack of information is preventing my purchase.

SCRATCH & DENT: Phones may have a moderate level of scratches or dings to the phone’s housings and battery doors. There may be light scratches to the screen that will not interfere with use. Phones are fully tested for all functions.

These are dual technology phones. As stated they will work on Verizon and they are unlocked to GSM Networks.

Can this phone be added to an existing Verizon post-paid plan or is phone limited to Verizon’s pre-paid plans?

The I545 will work on all 4 GSM bands, so no worries there. It works on some bands of LTE and UTMS (check out for more radio info).

Verizon is moving from CDMA/EVDO with LTE, which is a GSM standard (basically all of cell phone tech is acronyms, sorry about that)

As for unlocked, while you are able to stick whatever SIM card in them you want, and get service, they are almost certainly Bootloader locked. So anyone getting them to stick Cyanogen on is gonna have a bad time.

Can this phone be added to an existing Verizon post-paid plan or is phone limited to Verizon’s pre-paid plans?

Verizon uses CDMA, but the phone has GSM capabilities for Roaming, so you have the option to program if you want the phone to operate in GSM or CDMA