Samsung Galaxy S4 S&D Vrzn/GSM: 4 Colors

Warning! Samsung/Verizon phones are NOT unlocked. They may not be SIM locked, so you can change carriers, but the firmware is locked down HARD. With the current firmware (on the S4/S5, anyway), you won’t be able to “root” the device so you have full control over it. You can’t use different firmware (ROMs).

So if I buy, I can still use on t-mobile network?

Verizon is CDMA and does NOT utilize a SIM card. ATT is GSM and DOES utilize a SIM card. How can this phone be both Verizon and GSM?

Newer phones are built with both technologies. It’s cheaper for the manufacturer. It’s a matter of which is unlocked. This is unlocked for both.

I have a Cricket wireless prepaid phone which runs off the AT&T network. Will this Samsung/Verizon phone work with a Cricket sim running off the AT&T network?

Oh man, I’m confused.

What is this thing they call a sim card and that I had to buy and put in a sim card slot to activate my Verizon S4, then?

(Actually it’s page plus, but the verizon network…)

Will this phone work on Straight Talk Verizon (CDMA)

Just put my existing Att sim card in and it will work on att ???

this will work on any GSM network with a sim card but will NOT go to 4g/LTE. The fastest you will go on the network is 3g. To deliver an international version of their phone - Verizon included European GSM carriers at minimum requirements which is 3g.

T-Mobile uses band 4 LTE. This phone will work with T-Mobile LTE.

Yes it will work on T-Mobile

I have metro pcs 4g lte, will this phone work on their system

Can someone confirm if this will do LTE on T-Mobile or will drop down to 3G?

Does this phone run the latest Android 5.0 or 6.0 release or is it no longer getting updates due to Samsung support?

What constitutes scratch and dent? Can the display be scratched (yikes!)?

Will this get 4G LTE on AT&T? Not sure which bands I should be looking for.

I’m wondering this too, can anyone confirm this will work with straight talk verizon?

I took a chance and bought one…from what I can tell in the Specs(CDMA)I believe it will.

What is the condition of the case and screen on your phone? Noticible scratches or dents? Or are they just covering the worst case by saying they may have both?
Thanks for info on case and screen condition!!