Samsung Galaxy S4 Unlocked 16GB - S&D

Want to get one for the kids for Christmas but I hesitate when I don’t know how scratched it will be – mostly worried about the screen.

Also, the refurb reviews on Amazon have a lot of negative feedback: dropped/broken calling, general stability problems, etc. How long is the warranty on these? I’d hate to get a new-to-them phone that shows up a dud, or craps out after weeks/months.

I’m sure that quality of the refurbs varies, but I bought one of the S4s back in October ( and haven’t had a single problem with it. Screen was in good shape and performance has been stable. Battery life has been outstanding and surprising. I’m not a heavy phone user, but my old S3 (a refurb purchased through an Amazon seller) would typically be at somewhere around 40% when I’d plug it to charge overnight. With the same usage, the S4 purchased through Woot is typically around 75%.

How do we know which Carriers these phones work with? I can seem to find it listed.

Well, it has a SIM card so that means it is GSM and that means AT&T or T-Mobile…

What is the model number is this one?

Virgin Mobile?

No. VM uses CDMA. These are GSM as evidenced by the sim card note in the specs.

Will the Galaxy S4 16GB work with Verizon?

My Creative Zen Xfi is finally starting to show its age.

Would this be a good pickup for a portable media mp3 player with video too? I wouldn’t want to use it as a phone. Perhaps also throw Amazon Prime music app on it too.

It would be used mostly at the gym ( could possibly retire my original 30 gig Zune) or when in bed, so I can hear music or Rifftrax instead of the snoring girlfriend.

Do you recommend this for what I need?

No, only AT&T and T-Mobile.

Since people keep asking - these are GSM phones, which means they will work on the AT&T and T-Mobile network, and prepaid / secondary networks that ride on these two.

Sprint and Verizon, and their prepaid / secondary (Boost, Virgin, Ting, etc) run CDMA networks, and these phones will not work on these carriers.

Hope this helps clarify!


These phones will have some light scratches on the housing and back, and they might have light scratch or 2 on the screen, but they will NOT have badly scratched screens. The phones have been thoroughly checked and tested but sometimes faulty ones slip thru the cracks. You do have 30 days to get it replaced in the case that you do receive a defective one.

Are these the SGH-i337 or the SGH-m919 versions?

Reason I ask is the AT&T variant is model SGH-i337 with the following compatible bands: GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS850 (B5), UMTS1900 (B2), UMTS2100 (B1), LTE700 (B17), LTE1700/2100 (B4)

The T-Mobile variant is model SGH-m919 with the following compatible bands: GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS850 (B5), UMTS900 (B8), UMTS1700/2100 (B4), UMTS1900 (B2), UMTS2100 (B1), LTE700 (B17), LTE850 (B5), LTE1700/2100 (B4), LTE1900 (B2)

Actually you can use both GSM & CDMA on Ting.

[QUOTE=coloradosteve, post:14, topic:519063]
Are these the SGH-i337 or the SGH-m919 versions?

You must have missed this in the item title.
“Samsung M919 Galaxy S4 GSM Unlocked 16GB - Scratch & Dent”.

Mr Verified Rep, do you know if this will work on monthly prepaid accounts?

Whoops - I did miss that.

That’s the better version. Fully compatible on both T-Mobile and AT&T (And Ting GSM).



Can´t get it to work with a gsm sim card, i get the “INVALID SIM” message. is there any programming that has to be done???

Not that I’m aware. You have a warranty with us so you can return it. Keep an eye on that 30 day warranty. You should go ahead and contact them now.

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