Samsung Galaxy S4 Unlocked GSM (S&D)

what model is the phone

will this phone work on the sprint network

This phone will work with the carriers listed in the specs tab.

It will work with All GSM networks as well as Verizon.

Model number is I545V

Based on the specs (CPU, GPU, frequencies, weight), this seems to be the international model, the GT-i9500.

So I checked with sprint and they say NOPE. No unlocked phone will work with their network unless you somehow Sim convert the phone with your old sim card. (Risk of void warranty on phone). See the person was very blunt and basically said there may be features on that phone that we wold charge you for, and you’d be getting them for free…

Honest, but wacked as a carrier I am beginning to shop around for something more flexible with the idea of buying phones like this.

No LTE on this model?

How about Ting? I would love to get onto a simpler plan, but need to know if this would work first. The Ting site is looking for a IMEI id and I can’t get that unless I have it in hand. Catch-22… Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
Thanks in advance!

It should be SCH-I545 based on the title.

Looks to be SCH-I545 model based on the title. That means it should work on Sprint if you check

It can’t be the i545V phone of the summary is lying – that model is for verizon only and the specs say this is a T-mobile/AT&T phone.

Anybody really know which model of phone this is?

Hey all- Buyer confirms the model is I545v.

I am seriously considering purchasing this phone for my mom. On the Spec’s page it lists T-mobile as a compatible carrier.

Does anyone know if this means that the phone will also work on Metro PCS?

Will this work internationally, like with a multi-nation SIM card from OneCard? I’m presuming it will but if anyone knows for sure I’d be happy to know.

What sort of blemishes have purchasers had on your refurbished phone?

The S4s I run on the AT&T network have been updated to 5.0.1. These say only up to 4.3. Is there something preventing these phones from getting at least to Lollipop? I like the S4s and could just replace a couple of damaged ones with one of these, but not if I can’t get them to the same OS.

Some carriers have “extra” stuff attached to the OS and their phones get updated more frequently/earlier than others. I found this to be true when my MotoG (T-mobil) got updated before my wife’s MotoG (unlocked, but also running a T-Mo sim)
Of course… YMMV

This is a Verizon S4 that will work on GSM Networks like ATT, T mobile, Metro Etc as long as the right APN settings are in.

I have the same question. How would these rate cosmetically on a scale of 1-10…ie 8/10…9/10?