Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB Unlocked

So what’s the difference between this and the one I got back in Febrary for about $80 less?

Both have 16GB internal storage.

Fewer scratches and dents on the plain-old refurb than the S&D refurb?

Different carriers? (although ATT/Verizon makes less sense to me than ATT/T-Mobile)

Yes, it’s just the condition.

Maybe I just got lucky with my S&D: no scratches on the screen, and what dents there are on the sides are all covered by the case I got.
If that’s atypical, I suppose the $80 difference is a little more understandable. They’re still both refurbs, though.

The one available now isn’t a Scratch & Dent model; we also call this “Grade A”.

Does anyone know if the CDMA will work on Sprint?