Samsung Galaxy S5 S&D Vrzn/GSM Unlocked: 2 Colors



Does 4gLte works with other networks or only with Verizon?


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Samsung G900V Galaxy S5 for Verizon or Unlocked to GSM Networks*


has anyone already bought this phone on the previous deals? How its cosmetical condition is?


I got the S5 on the previous deal. Yes, the phone “works”. But mine had the water immersion stickers already tripped on both the phone and battery and the phone gets VERY hot. Cosmetically it had nicks around the outside edge but that was easily covered with a case. The screen was in good shape. No issues there.

Days later I got my invite for the OnePlus Two. I’m sticking with that and selling the S5.

Because Woot doesn’t really stand behind what they sell, I’d pass on this deal. The phone might turn on but whether it will work optimally or not is anyone’s guess. Probably not worth the $250 risk. eBay sellers may offer better guarantees regarding operational reliability.


I have a 16gb S5 (which I think these are) and despite having a 64gb micro sd card, I find that I’m constantly moving things around just to keep the phone functional. About 11 of those gbs are already being used by the system so you’re extremely limited to what you can have installed. It is nice that you can install apps to the sd card but I have trouble updating apps installed via Amazon when they’re on the sd.

There are some pros to the phone though. Under kitkat 4.4, the phone sips battery. Don’t upgrade though! I went to 4.4.2 and rarely had battery power beyond 4pm. It’s a little better in lollipop 5, but I still wish I can cleanly go back to 4.4. To help things out, I bought a spare battery pack and charger. I highly recommend that for all of these phones since you have zero downtime when the battery does die. It’s super useful for travelling too. The phone itself is very powerful and I can get into the 20mb/s+ range on at&t lte. As was posted above, it does like to overheat, but I found this less of a problem on 5 over 4.4 or 4.4.2.

If you have a newer Sammy tv, you can seamlessly do screen mirroring, which is nice for watching videos on apps that my tv doesn’t support. Chromecast does this too but it’s too hit or miss to use regularly. Just make sure you’re plugged in because mirroring crushes battery life.

All in all despite its shortcomings, I’m content, although if the note 4 were being sold here, I would recommend that over the S5 in a heartbeat.


I’d say you’re better off on CraigsList…


This phone is not completely unlocked, I had one from the last Woot sale last month. You must be a Verizon customer to use the phone features such as talk, text, voicemail, bill pay etc. The phone has an unlocked GSM feature for data. This means if you travel to Europe you can get a local sim card for about 15 Euros and have local data. The GSM function on this phone is unlocked. The CDMA function is locked to Verizon.
Notice how deceptively Woot does not fully spell out the word Verizon on the ad!


Actually the word you are seeking is Swappa.

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Two points:

  1. agreed, you’re better off looking for a phone on Swappa.

  2. The 900V and 900A can be SIM unlocked for GSM. But the bootloader is still locked. So if you are thinking of getting one of these phones and tossing CyanogenMod or some other custom rom on it… Sorry. It won’t happen. You’ll only be able to use ROMS that are based on Samsung’s TouchWiz, or the original ROM.

I went through this with the g900A. I ended up going to Swappa and finding a g900T. The T-mo version of the phone can get you full LTE AND you can run whatever ROM you want on it.

If you aren’t interested in replacing the ROM, then this fone should be fine. There is a Root method available for it, I believe.


But you see how deceptively Woot spells Verizon?


Not a smart way to buy a phone. I’ve had better luck (and better deals) on eBay.

You don’t really want a Verizon phone anyway, especially if you’re not on Verizon. Even if you’re on AT&T, if you want a REALLY “unlocked” phone, go with a T-Mobile model. They use the same bands but T-Mobile models have unlocked bootloaders as well. Then pay $20-30 to SIM-unlock it if it isn’t already and you’re golden.


Definitely concur that unless you are getting this to use on the verizon network, you are much better off getting a native GSM phone. I’d even suggest the Motorola Moto G. For 25 buck less you can get a new one with a full year warranty and no cost return with the same amount of ram and on board storage that is built to your tastes in terms of colors combinations and greeting. Your trade-off is a little slower processor and a 720p vs 1080p screen. Two things that 95% of the population would never notice. On the positive side you get rid of a the TouchWiz interface, about 20 fewer bloatware apps and a very clean version of Android that can easily go two days with light to moderate use.


Don’t buy a SamCrap device, go buy a Nexus 5 or 6 if you want a budget Android device.


Buyers beware false advertisement. The ad said that the gs5 was upgradeable to 5.0 lollipop which means that it came with 4.4 KitKat. When I receive the product it was already upgraded. I love woot but they do not back up their products. I would look for this deal elsewhere. Those interested in this product should do a lot more research.