Samsung Galaxy S5 S&D Vrzn/GSM Unlocked: 2 Colors

I am confused with the Verizon / or GSM …

Can I use this as an unlocked GSM or any network or do I need to be verizon?

I have the same question. Can I use this phone with AT&T on Straight Talk?

All Verizon 4G phones can be used with any GSM network you would just have to change a few APN settings for your specific carrier.

How much memory have the cellphone?
Works in Colombia? Scratched and Dented are so big?

Newer phones are now built with both technologies to save money. It’s a matter of which technology is unlocked for the device.

These are Verizon network phones that are unlocked for GSM networks. I can’t answer questions as to whether it will work on any one network but wooters are usually here to help.

Hello. The information you are looking for is on the specs tab:

Internal memory storage: Up to 16GB
Expandable memory storage: Up to 128GB
Memory format: microSD

I don’t have information on which networks this works with.

Sucks this cameras so powerful, and the auto-focus is just terrible. wish thre was a way to fine tune it, anything closer than 5 feet it can’t focus. It’ll focus in, look great than it backs out to be blurry. I’m happy I found this phone on craigslist for $190, and probably in just as good or better a shape than these too.

Hello dear friend, this phone come with its orginal charger, headphones and box?

Vendor confirms original charger data cable, battery and door are included. Packaging won’t be original, though.

I would really like to know how scratched or dented these are.

For those wanting to know if it works on a GSM network (like AT&T or T-Mobile)… yes and no. I had one from Verizon, moved to T-Mo and took it with me. It worked, meaning I could make and receive phone calls, send and receive SMS messages and access the internet. But, it was painfully slow internet (often only E - Edge) and reception was terrible. It would lose service all the time. Same story when taken overseas (almost all other countries are GSM only). It does support GSM, but only a limited number of bands… You might get lucky and have excellent LTE coverage on band it supports in your area, but it’ll probably lose signal as soon as you start driving and hop towers to one on a different band. The easiest analogy I can come up with is an FM radio that won’t tune any stations with an even number in them… It’s fine if you like 95.5, but you’re hosed if your favorite station is 102.7. A phone made for T-Mo or AT&T will use a much broader range of GSM bands, many of which are needed to get the full coverage map and full speeds.

+1 for smthng,
as These are VERIZON phones
that you could use in a pinch to get some att/t-mo and some international gsm use
You will NOT get full speed ATT/T-MO data and will be limited in general.
Woot really needs to clarify this so as not to mis-lead

From previous sales, I’ve heard that there will be cosmetic scratches and dings. There may be minor scratches on the screen but nothing that affects the use. Each unit will be different.

Hello!! Could you please confirm why it is classify as refurbished? Does the water resistant works? Thanks a lot.

“Refurbished” covers everything from buyers’ remorse returns and products whose defects have been repaired by the pros to damaged packaging and discontinued items. If you can accept their checkered past, refurbs have a lot of love to give.

These may be different, but look identical to what we just had,…

Make sure they are from the US. Just gave up last week trying to get one to work here with ATT.
IT spent 2 days on the phone with ATT, Samsung, Verizon trying to get it to not think any local call was international. MAJOR Pia - if you missed a call, you could not call them back without reentering the #. sending 3 back to Amazon since they are useless. Also could not get all of the verizon ads to go away every time you turned it on and hourly warns you it is not a verizon sim card…

I got one on one of the last Woot’s for the S5.

It has scratches/chips around the outside edge that get covered up with a case. The screen is fine as is the operation. It did require some APN editing to get it to work properly with T-Mobile but I did get it working. I got my invite for a OnePlus Two a week later and ended up with that. The S5 is going up for sale on eBay when I get around to it.

Does this phone use a SIM card?

I hope/suppose so - my S3 does, and my plan is to swap it out (with Verizon’s Guidance.)