Samsung Galaxy S5 S&D Vrzn/GSM Unlocked: 2 Colors

Hello, folks. Will this get full speed data on T-Mobile?

How do we choose between a VZW CDMA or the GSM models of these 6 phones? What, do you simply grab one out of the bin and ship it giving us a 50/50 chance that it comes in compatible with our service?

Most phones now are built with both technologies included and one unlocked. It’s cheaper manufacturing.

This is a Verizon phone that is also unlocked for GSM.

I can’t answer specific carrier questions though.

Here’s the link to check compatibility. Whether or not that means full 4g speeds is a question for t-mobile.

Here’s a link to t-mobile support page listing their bands.

Happy Thanksgiving all! Does anyone happen to know if this phone will work using Straight Talk prepaid service with Verizon towers? Thanks!

What is the submodel?


This cellphone can be used in latin america (venezuela) without problems ??, I have this question because i dont feel 100% secure if this smatphone is complete unlocked


Yes this phone should work with all Verizon MVNO

will this phone accept a sim card for t-mobile ?

Hello will this phone work with ATT?

Hello will this phone work with ATT?

Looks like amazon has same phone for $199 with free shipping and condition is “limited to no wear” where as woot phone is “moderate level of scratches or dings”.

Will this work on Virgin Mobile?


If you aren’t on Verizon these S5s may be a crap shoot. Depending on how these refurbs were originally purchased and who did the refurbishing there are three scenarios I’ve run in to (as I have access to 3 S5s purchased at Verizon in these 3 ways):

  1. Phone purchased from Verizon as a Verizon phone. When putting in a GSM sim for say ATT it prompts for a sim unlock code. After this you can use the phone but not LTE and GSM at the same time. As it seems to be locked as CDMA/LTE or GSM/GPRS.

  2. Phone purchased from Verizon as a global device. When putting in a GSM sim for say ATT you won’t get prompted but in many cases you still can’t use LTE and GSM at the same time. As it seems to be locked as CDMA/LTE or GSM/GPRS.

  3. Phone purchased from Verizon as an unlocked world phone. This should be fully functional as long as whatever provider you have uses the same frequencies and channels for LTE and GSM. Just as long as you also add your providers APN this seems to function as any other GSM device would.

What’s weird about all three of these is they are this way even if all have the same bootloader, radios, roms and kernels. So who knows.

One little corner scratch and a missing cover on the USB port. Otherwise it’s friggin mint. Fantastical!

Got one, but the MSS doesn’t work AT ALL, and the phone won’t do software updates