Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB - S&D

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I love my Galaxy S5–good phone, easy to root. Low-quality camera, though; impossible to photograph anything at night.

Even though 16GB seems like very little memory, you can buy a micro-SD card and save all your music and photos to it. I’m using about 10 GB of my SD card, and still have 6 GB free on my main phone, even after installing a couple of large (~1GB) games.

I’ve had it for about a year, and haven’t ever covered it with a screen protector, and it hasn’t gotten scratched yet–I feel like the glass is much tougher than my previous phone’s. That being said, I don’t know if you’ll actually get a phone with a cracked screen. There don’t seem to be any replacement screens with good reviews, and the instructions require precision. So that’s what I’d be most worried about.

I’m always leery about buying a phone that is a scratch and dent. It’s a lottery to see if you will get a good one or a badly damaged one. I usually get the one with the most damage.

Which model is this?

+1…need to know which carrier this is for…even though they are unlocked, att and Verizon do something so it doesn’t work very well on other networks. I have no evidence, just personal experience.

We had that experience with Verizon we switch carriers and had Samsung S3 phones and wanted to move them over and Verizon told me the phones were unlock and we could not use them on the new carrier, so i also notice what you did they don’t tell you which carriers these phones may work for.

They may have just updated the description… but I see GSM, which would be ATT.

Or T-Mobile…

So true. I have a T-Mobile acct. and everytime I get an Unlocked phone it is from Verizon and does not work.

No. GSM is also Verizon but they do not work on T-Mobile but AT&T does.

That’s correct. No T-Mobile but yes on AT&T. I bought two of these (mint) on ebay and use them with Straight Talk AT&T SIM cards. You have to go into settings and change the network from CDMA to GSM for it to work. I still get the Verizon splash screen on bootup and a message telling me that my SIM is not a Verizon SIM. To get rid of the Verizon Splash screen, view the website link:

I hate to bad mouth Woot at all because I buy all the time here and usually love everything…BUT I’d watch out for these Scratch & Dent phones.

I bought one several months ago and had to return it during the first 30 days due to a defective charge port (seemed fine during the first few days, kept getting harder and harder to get it to charge, constantly wiggling and holding the charger to get it to connect, such a pain). Refurbished items in general can be a good deal, but there are so many pieces to smartphones that are so delicate that you really don’t want one that someone else abused. Mine arrived with the edges looking like someone dropped it in a disposal and that should have been a dead give away that the last owner was a moron, but I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt and of course I was originally right and it did have a defective critical part.

Think about it, if it is a reasonably current phone model and it has already been turned in to resale, that means the previous owner trashed it super quick, which means they treated their phone like crap, which means you don’t want it because there is no way the refurb dude can catch every little think that got weakened due to all that mistreatment.

Sorry to be a bummer :frowning:

PS: I should note that Woot stood behind their sale and let me return it…but I wouldn’t suggest they sell these scratch & dent phones in the first place frankly.

Would this work for Sprint?


We never sell or ship out phones with cracked screens! as far as scratched and dented goes, the phones will have some minor scratches here and there on the housing and back but the screens are relatively clean, maybe small scratch or two here and there on them. Never cracked screens though!


Not sure where or from whom you purchased in the past, but we ran several deals here with S&D models and so far we only had an overwhelmingly satisfied clientele. I can’t guarantee just how good the one you may purchase will look, but it will not have a cracked screen nor heavy scratches on it.
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These are T-Mobile model that have been unlocked for any GSM service, they will not work for any CDMA carriers like Verizon or Sprint.


These are T-Mobile unlocked phones. Just so you know, those carriers you mentioned don’t do anything, you need to input your carrier’s APN settings into the phone for it to work properly. You can find that by calling your carrier or going to your carriers store and they will input it for you.


These are T-Mobile unlocked


All you need to do is have the correct APN setting put into your phone for it to work properly on the T-Mobile network.
Generally I, T-Mobile user, buy AT&T model because they make the Active version of my phone, and then I input T_Mobile APN settings and it works perfectly. Only thing that doesn’t work is Hotspot, but I can live without it.
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