Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB - S&D

Should work just fine on Cricket. Just FYI Cricket is owned by ATT and uses the same network. I’ve even used ATT locked phones by just swapping sim cards.

I respectfully disagree. Have had S3, S5, S6, note 2. I love the S6. The SD card issue only comes into play if you keep a ton of downloads on your phone. Most media consumption these days is streaming. My wife has the S5 and daughter and I both have S6, she is always trying to get one of us to ‘trade’. Great battery life on the S6. S5 has the weird proprietary plug with the annoying plug cover as well

as far as carriers go…the carriers are Tmobile and ATT…see the “specs” tab in the info section.
also states the phone is unlocked.
I bought the 2 yr protection plan just in case it’s a bit too dented. fingers crossed


I had both Verizon and T-Mo for two months while I swapped service from Vz to T-Mo. I tried both Vz and Tmo S5’s on both networks… Both would function on the other carrier’s network, but barely. Limited to Edge or 3G speed, wouldn’t find towers right next to my house, service disappeared all the time, etc.

In short, I wouldn’t bother getting this for Verizon use. Technically it might work, but I can’t imagine anyone being anything less than severely disappointed.

Bought an S5 the last time they were listed here and the phone itself was in very good condition. The screen had looked like it was a display model because you can see the home screen image lightly burned in.

I bought one previously from Woot Electronics (

When I went to activate it, I found out it was blacklisted by T-Mobile for being lost/stolen. I’m still awaiting a refund from Woot.

I assumed these phones are checked for having a clean IMEI, but it appears that they are not.

Good luck.

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Do these phones work on Boost Mobile plans?

I would not purchase the S4 under any circumstances. I bought one refurbished directly from T-Mobile and within a month the emoled screen cracked after putting it on the charger. Then the phone kept needing to be restarted because it didn’t recognize the SIM card. Then it cracked again after just plugging in a charger.

Not sure about the S5, but I’d stay far far away from the S4.


You cannot use these phones on Virgin Mobile or any other CDMA carrier like Verizon or Sprint.
These phones will only work for GSM service like T-Mobile or AT&T.


These are G900T unlocked GSM model units which will only work for GSM service like T-Mobile or AT&T. These will NOT work for any CDMA carrier like Verizon or Sprint.

do you have a bug on your screen - it’s freaking me out trying to kill it!!!

Sprint and Verizon use CDMS technology (not used by most of the countries, except US) and this phone is only GSM compatible.

It’s the “surface scratches on the screen” part that have me worried. I can easily live with cosmetic scuffs on the body. But the screen is critical in smartphones.

Right, I feel the same way and was wondering the same thing. “Usable” doesn’t always mean usable when it comes to scratches on the screen.

Also, is the battery refurbished? Battery life can suffer after a couple of years. The S5’s battery is removable but who wants to buy a new one immediately after getting this phone?

I got one last year and it was in mint condition

My .02: The S5 is the sweetspot of the Samsung lineup. Removable battery, SD slot, waterproof. The “annoying plug cover” that is opened maybe once a day is a waterproof seal. The “weird proprietary plug” is a micro usb 3.0, nothing proprietary about it. Dropping removable batteries and SD card slots is a big step backwards for Samsung.

I was told by an AT&T store employee that the battery life on the S6 is not that great and the glass is different as well (not as strong/scratch proof). You also can’t change the battery out if you start to have problems (can’t remove back cover). Add to that the fact that you can’t upgrade the memory. I maxed out my 16gb S4 and was about half way through a 64gb memory card as well.

As for the proprietary plug on the S5, I believe that is only needed for the fast charge option. I was told you can still use a standard charger with the phone - it plugs into just one side of the port.

Do you have a link? I can’t seem to find it, thanks.

Any ideas is this can work on page plus?