Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB - S&D


These are G900T unlocked GSM model units which will only work for GSM service like T-Mobile or AT&T. These will NOT work for any CDMA carrier like Verizon or Sprint.

do you have a bug on your screen - it’s freaking me out trying to kill it!!!

Sprint and Verizon use CDMS technology (not used by most of the countries, except US) and this phone is only GSM compatible.

It’s the “surface scratches on the screen” part that have me worried. I can easily live with cosmetic scuffs on the body. But the screen is critical in smartphones.

Right, I feel the same way and was wondering the same thing. “Usable” doesn’t always mean usable when it comes to scratches on the screen.

Also, is the battery refurbished? Battery life can suffer after a couple of years. The S5’s battery is removable but who wants to buy a new one immediately after getting this phone?

I got one last year and it was in mint condition

My .02: The S5 is the sweetspot of the Samsung lineup. Removable battery, SD slot, waterproof. The “annoying plug cover” that is opened maybe once a day is a waterproof seal. The “weird proprietary plug” is a micro usb 3.0, nothing proprietary about it. Dropping removable batteries and SD card slots is a big step backwards for Samsung.

I was told by an AT&T store employee that the battery life on the S6 is not that great and the glass is different as well (not as strong/scratch proof). You also can’t change the battery out if you start to have problems (can’t remove back cover). Add to that the fact that you can’t upgrade the memory. I maxed out my 16gb S4 and was about half way through a 64gb memory card as well.

As for the proprietary plug on the S5, I believe that is only needed for the fast charge option. I was told you can still use a standard charger with the phone - it plugs into just one side of the port.

Do you have a link? I can’t seem to find it, thanks.

Any ideas is this can work on page plus?

I bought a note from the scratch and dent and it had just a tiny scratch on the screen, couldn’t even see it. It works great.

Does this work with Boost Mobile?

I bought Woot S5 couple months back. Was a Verizon version and just a few scratches on screen, but alot of damage around the edges. Deal killer was a bad charging port. Woot offered me $20 to keep “as is”. What a joke, I returned for full refund. Am I tempted to try again? NOT!

Excuse the ignorance but how easy is it to upgrade my Galaxy 3? I have ATT. Is it as easy as swapping my SIM card and SD card? Or do I need to notify my carrier? Thanks.

The S4 is a great phone but the S5 does have a few upgrades. The processor is faster, it can hold up to a 128gb micro-sd memory card, the rear camera is 16megapixel (vs 13 for the S4), the display is slightly larger (5.1 vs 5). It’s also supposed to be more waterproof and dust resistent and it has a fingerprint scanner and heartrate monitor if those are important to you.

They aren’t the same price on Groupon. The price displayed changes depending on which phone/color you select. The S5 is about $80 more than the S4.

This should get you close:

Can I use these for overseas travel by putting in a local SIM card when I get there? (Middle East)

I got the S5 when it was $199 and am happy with it. It’s quite worn around the edges, but the screen is fine; it obviously had a protector. Not sure about battery life, but it’seems good for a day at least. I’m using it with Consumer Cellular / AT&T.

The microUSB 3.0 connector also accepts standard microUSB, so you do not have to throw any existing chargers (like multi-device, car…) away.

Which seller on ebay have you bought from?