Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB - S&D

I respect and admire manhandsha, but that animated gif footer with the fly always makes me nuts. I have to scroll past it fast. Keeps me from reading much, it’s repulsive. Just saying.

can Confirm this is true. standard charger not the “two pronged” type will work as well, just takes longer to fully charge

Will this phone work with Net10 service? How quickly do they ship, if purchased?

I would assume this would work with METRO PCS since it does with T-Mobile and the companies combined?

Well I pulled the trigger. If its not in the proper shape I will just return it. I don’t mind a few “blemishes” but if it has damage and major stuff wrong with it… Its going back…

I bought the HTC One M8 last week and it just arrived. The phone looks like one that’s been lightly used with some suff and light scratches on the corners. Nothing is deformed or unusable. The screen has a few very very light hair line scratches on the screen. If you put it in a case, you’ll never notice it.

Will this work with Boost mobile?

I’d rather have my Honor 5x.

Will these phones work with Straighttalk?

My son bot one of these in an earlier Woot. Looked new to us. He has been VERY pleased with it. He is on T-Mobile.

I had an S4 for 2.5 yrs with no problems other than an OS bug on one of their updates. The phone worked great (though I purchased it new). I’d still be using it but I recently lost it. Looking to replace it either with another S4 or S5.

I am thinking of switching to the 4 phone plan on T-mobile and need 2 “cheaper” phones for my kids and these look like the deal I am looking for, does anybody know if they will upgrade to Marshmallow?

I use them on ST now… You just have to tweak the APN Settings. I have a S4 and a Nexus 5 on ST and love it. LTE everyplace I go. (note: I’m on AT&T with ST)

No, Boost is an MVNO on the Sprint network. They use CDMA technology. These phones are GSM and should work on AT&T, T-Mobile and the associated GSM MVNO’s like Cricket, etc.

Just went through insurance to replace my S5 & paid $200, last week. Great deal, terrible timing.

I think I am going to try this phone. TMobile has better coverage in our area than the Virgin Mobile I have been using, and this phone is a good price.

I bought this about a month or so back. The chrome edging was missing about 50%. The rest looked fine. The operation however was glitchy from the first time I turned it on. I gave it a week to straighten up, but it didn’t ever get better. I returned it. I’d try it again, but haven’t seen my money returned yet.

Can you use this phone on metro pcs

A used dented, scratched out-dated phone isn’t worth 159.00 plus shipping.

I knew that AT&T bought them, TBH, I wasn’t happy, I Hate AT&T… ty though.