Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB - S&D

Is this unit a SIM card unit? I am with ATT!

Can I take the T-Mobile sim card out of my Chromebook, insert it in the phone, and have instant cell service?

It cannot. Page Plus works over Verizon’s prepaid (CDMA) network. See comments above stating that these phones won’t work over the VZW network.

We bought an s5 on eBay (wait, maybe it was Swappa, I don’t remember which one we were looking at when we clicked “buy”) over the weekend for $200, supposedly in much better condition than these, to be used on PagePlus. Hoping it checks out to be as advertised.

I got one last time out (S5, white) for a work phone, other than normal wear on the chrome edge, no issues. Put an AT&T sim in and worked right away. I am getting another just to have as back up for the price.

Would there be any problems using this unit as a development platform?

I always think I’m going to get into tinkering.

That’s only half true regarding the S7.

The S7 is being reported (and leaked images show) as having a sd card tray. So the internal battery is still just like everyone else, but it is bringing back SD support.

All modern phones have SIM cards. LTE requires them. This phone is designed for AT&T and T-Mobile in my opinon, or the smaller networks that use their spectrum.

Everyone keeps asking on every single post if it works with xxyy small carrier, go to their wikipedia page, and see which parent network it runs off of. There are a ton of small carriers around.

Thank you. That was very useful!

I got the S5 last time, and it works great. I have T-Mobile. The only s&d issues are around the edges. My son tells me that is an easy part to replace but it doesn’t concern me that much. Had a new back cover, new battery, and new charger. No scratches on the screen. I’m now thinking about getting another as a spare.

Just my experience with the S&D when I brought 1 few months ago. The first one was in great condition, very minor scratches. However, charge port doesn’t work properly so I got a replacement from woot. The second one is scuffed up around the edges, but works fine. Battery doesn’t seem to be new, but got a new battery for around $10 on amazon.

Doesn’t sound like everyone is so lucky, though.

Can I use this on Cricket?

I respect and admire manhandsha, but that animated gif footer with the fly always makes me nuts. I have to scroll past it fast. Keeps me from reading much, it’s repulsive. Just saying.

can Confirm this is true. standard charger not the “two pronged” type will work as well, just takes longer to fully charge

Will this phone work with Net10 service? How quickly do they ship, if purchased?

I would assume this would work with METRO PCS since it does with T-Mobile and the companies combined?

Well I pulled the trigger. If its not in the proper shape I will just return it. I don’t mind a few “blemishes” but if it has damage and major stuff wrong with it… Its going back…

I bought the HTC One M8 last week and it just arrived. The phone looks like one that’s been lightly used with some suff and light scratches on the corners. Nothing is deformed or unusable. The screen has a few very very light hair line scratches on the screen. If you put it in a case, you’ll never notice it.

Will this work with Boost mobile?

I’d rather have my Honor 5x.