Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB - S&D

Man my phone has not even shipped yet and you all got your phones already. Funny I bought two, one white and one black. The white one shipped from NY and the black one has not shipped yet. Two shipments seems silly must be two different warehouses. Going to MI. I hope mine are in good shape like everyone else seems!

Wow, same here. I bought 2, also 1 black and 1 white, and they split the packages up and I have tracking info on 1 but not the the other yet. Also I am in Mi too, wonder if that has anything to do with it?

It’s very possible that they separated the shipping and the others will be shipping soon.

It’s much faster to ship all of one product than it is to read each order to combine items.

I just bought one of these, looks like new! My problem is that I don’t think it’s unlocked, it won’t recognize my at&t sim, wants me to insert a t-mobile sim card. Any ideas on how to get this to work?

My other phone shipped out today from the SAME city and I would assume warehouse. I mean I don’t really care about getting one a few days later than the other but it would seem on your end not very cost effective!

Thanks ThunderThighs, I did receive one of the phones today and the other is due tomorrow. The phone works great I inserted my T mobile sim card turned it on and had connection, now my daughter wont put it down and keeps me informed on everything the phone can do.

Finally got my phone. The edges have a bit of wear, but as previously mentioned, it’s covered by the case. Screen looks good. Had no trouble activating the phone through Cricket Wireless. Only thing I would change is a manual of some sort would have made things a. Bit easier when inserting the SD and SIM cards.

I received my refurbished Samsung Galaxy s5 about 2 hours ago. I have been to AT&T to install proper legal sim card. The phone turns on but refuses to let me change date (2013); or world clock time (only Eastern US); no drop down menus to change or choose from; rarely accepts “NEXT” after 10-20 taps; can not type in any screen where required to enter name, first and last, for set up. AT&T says the phone does not accept their input for normal set up. The only thing the phone seems to register is my phone number. BAD DEAL, would you agree? Not fun or funny just wrong.

I received my 2nd phone today, the black one, and just as the first one it looks good (minor chrome missing nothing bad) popped in the t-mobile sim and presto works great. Thanks Woot!

So according to FedEx, my phone has been “Delivered.” If by “Delivered” they mean the box has been randomly dropped in the middle of a fairly busy road in the rain for a random person to pick up, then yes, it was “delivered.”

How do I know this occurred? Because while I do not have a box containing a phone, I DO have a couple of voice mails from a very nice older lady who decided to stop and pick a box up out of the the middle of the road so someone else didn’t hit it and then was kind enough to call the phone number on the label. No, she didn’t take it off my front step- she lives over a mile away from me, she’s in her 70’s, and I’ve left 2 messages on her home ANSWERING MACHINE. She’s told me that the box was completely soaked when she picked it up. How do I document this in the event that the phone inside is damaged, since apparently the driver has decided to lie about delivering it?

[On a side note: these are the most straight up “Ballmore Hon” messages you could ever ask to hear. I have been told the voicemail messages belong in a wikipedia entry for “Baltimore Accent.” See “Hairspray” for better understanding.]

You’ll want to file a claim with the carrier and send a message to CS so they can help with your next steps and getting you taken care of. I’m really sorry for the delivery fiasco. I’m a little jelly you got adorable voicemails, though!

Just not work for me phone it’s not charging battery also it’s not unlocked and last thing screen has a bar kind a pixels dead or something like will be fail pretty soon , to be honest I will never buy at refurbished with dents and scratches it’s like you buying used

i guess i’m the only unlucky one. My phone came out shit. not only 2 corners busted up to the glass (the drop must be high and hit right at the corner for it to literally destroyed the metal braces in both corners) but phone is glitchy too. working with Woot right now. Hopefully they accept return and provide shipping back to them. if you want to see photos, i can post some up.

edit: here are the photos

Did not expect that condition when i read this:
Scratch & Dent: These units have been restored to full working order. They may have minor cosmetic blemishes to the body of the unit and surface scratches on the screen. This will not impair use of the device.

Does this work for straight talk? I bought it for hubs and it says invalid sim

Could you please provide the link? it is supposed to be unlocked so it should work with ATT but it gives an invalid SIM error

Well I received my second phone just the other day. Like pretty much everyone else the phone is in great shape other than the chrome trim around the perimeter that has the scratches around it. Comes with a new battery and back cover along with charger and some cheap earbuds. No big deal for $160! I got both mine and my wife’s up and running on METRO PCS no real problems at all. This is a great phone and I will buy another if they come up again. Only negative I can see is that the battery seems to drain alot faster than my previous phone (Samsung Galaxy Avant)

Google the manual I found it and downloaded it in a PDF.

I just got the S5 I ordered and it’s pretty sorry. Phone looks like it was chewed up, wasn’t wiped (has old photos on it and everything), and wasn’t unlocked so it won’t work with AT&T. T-Mobile refuses to unlock it for me. Also, not woot’s fault but it was originally delivered to someone else two blocks away who took it upon themselves to track me down to give it to me. This is my first Woot order and I’m pretty unhappy - probably won’t make any more orders.

I wasn’t pleased with the S&D of the item. Beware the non-return policy. Won’t buy an S&D again.

Receive my S5. Super good shape for a used phone.It is a T mobile phone but I did get it to work on ATT however it keeps trying to contact T mobile on its own and I keep getting annoying error messages that it can’t connect to T mobile. I would not recommend this phone unless you are a T mobile customer or a computer geek. I also keep getting a message that the back of the phone is not on correctly. I’m going to try rooting my phone. Wish me luck, I’m an amateur.