Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB - S&D

Do you have any tips for this? I convinced my wife to buy one since she constantly complained about her old one. With her MetroPCS sim in I’m unable to do anything but WiFi. It won’t connect to a network. Thanks!

I’ve had my phone for a couple weeks now. It works great! It took me a minute to get it to work with AT&T. I had to reboot it a couple of times, then it worked. I kept getting some weird text saying something couldn’t connect. After searching, it was some T-mobile app trying to connect to T-mobile. So I uninstalled/disabled all the T-mobile apps except the app the updates android, you want to keep that one.
As for the cosmetics, there are very tiny thin scratches on the screen that you have to look very hard and at certain angles to even see them. The charger cover thing at the bottom is a little dinged up, but usable. The other sides are slightly worn, but not noticeable once it’s in a case.

TLDR: Buy one next time if you need one!

IMEI on one of the devices is locked, it’s not usable on TMobile.

Thanks for selling 50% crap woot. Hopefully you’ll be sending me a refund for this soon.

Yup, same thing happened with ours. We’ve been traveling so haven’t had time to follow up on it until today. Just got off the phone with both Metro PCS and T-Mobile who informed us our IMEI had been reported as stolen so it’s not usable. Created a support ticket and am waiting to hear how Woot can make this right.

what is the warranty? I bought this and the screen no longer comes on, some times it will flicker for a few seconds. Seems the back light is dead.

This came with a 90 Day Warranty. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.