Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB - S&D

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB - S&D
Price: $159.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Bought one of these last time around. The screen had some small scratches in non-critical areas, but the chrome trim was lacking much of its chrome (a decent case will hide this)…iPhone build quality, this is not. However, the phone functions well, running Android M (6.0.1).

For AT&T iPhone users: you may have to call AT&T to add the Galaxy to your account (if you don’t get LTE) and get a nano to micro SIM adapter if you want to switch the SIM between the phones. The customer service rep may tell you that you’ll have to call them each time you switch the SIM from phone to phone, but that’s not the case.

Bought one of these a couple weeks ago for my wife during the woot-off. The screen was in great shape. The only scratched part was the “chrome” paint was chipped a bit on the corners. It’s a great deal for a great phone if it works for your network.

The biggest problem we have though is I’ve been unable to get it to connect to the network from her MetroPCS sim. Anyone have any suggestions?

So… Not Verizon. Quibble: You provide a link to “Will my phone work?” but since you don’t provide a sub model, there’s no way to use the tool. I’ll just assume that, since Verizon isn’t listed as a major carrier, that this won’t work with that network.

The model number (as listed on the sale page where you can select the color) is SM-G900T. This is the T-Mobile variant and won’t work with Verizon.

For people that are interested in these things, this model has an unlocked bootloader meaning that it can be fully rooted and supports custom ROMs.

sm-g900t is now listed on the link provided, and would appear to work with 4g only. Anyone have any experience with a failure on the verizon network with this handset?

Also chiming in from last sale, agreeing that screen was in great shape, but lots of edge-damage, which is fine since I won’t use a phone without my Ballistic cover anyway. Tons of t-mobile bloatware on mine; I may root it when I finally make the switch from my old S3.

My guess is T-Mobile/MetroPCS now uses LTE band 12 in your area. (If her other phone is an Android, get the LTE Discovery app from Google Play to verify.) That band, a newer 700 MHz band used by T-Mobile’s latest LTE towers, isn’t supported by this phone; the compatibility site associates band 12 with T-Mobile, but not MetroPCS.

It’s often a good idea with any MVNO to check band compatibility with the underlying carrier, especially for 3G & 4G. That’s particularly important for TracFone brands sold under multiple carriers (including NET10 & Straight Talk), but it’s also true sometimes with in-house MVNOs (MetroPCS, Cricket, etc.)

If you’re not on T-Mobile, you’ll want to uninstall/disable the T-Mo apps (especially their visual voicemail to stop the error texts) and, optionally, install the ones for your carrier.


The big angry warning about AT&T devices shouldn’t apply, as this is the T-Mobile version (which I’m currently using on AT&T)

(Disclaimer: I have not yet installed CM on my S5, although I stil might at some point)

I am using mine on Cricket Wireless. After a day, my MMS, etc. wasn’t working, so I Googles the settings, went in and changed them, then it worked perfectly.

Didn’t realize it was T-mobile until I got it. Had it switched to ATT but it didn’t play well. Checked into T-mobile plans and I get double the data for same price. Switched to TM. Yes corners are rough and some scratched on back.

Will this phone be eligible for Android Marshmallow (6.0)? I have an unlocked AT&T Galaxy Note 3 running 5.0 on Straight Talk but I’m not sure I will get the upgrade.

Proceed with caution. My Daughter bought one of these from woot the last time they were offered. There was a lot of damage including scratches and deep gouges in the frame. In Addition, it was advertised to work on ATT but after several phone calls, sim cards, and trips to the ATT store, it was determined that the phone would need a factory reset from samsung which is not free. Or we could switch to T-Mobile. BTW woot did refund.

Thanks… almost choked on my cheerios I laughed so hard.

The replacement screen for my son’s 5S was $190, making this a really good deal if that’s the phone you want. The “waterproof” concept sounds good until you crack the screen and find out how much it cost to replace it!

I know nothing of unlocked phones… Could this be used on no contract carriers like Virgin or Boost?

I am just wondering, will this phone work with verizon? I looked up the website and it said it was but someone on here said it was not. So what is the verdict?

I use mine with Consumer Cellular, which is basically a no contract carrier (they sent a free sim card).

I bought one of these last time they were available via WOOT. It works but looks like it was dragged down the street.