Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB (S&D)

Exactly which model is this?

Can it be rooted?

bought one last time offered. Condition was not bad, but it was definitely not “unlocked” I had planned to use it on AT&T but wound up having to give it to my brother for T-Mobile. I tried asking customer service twice if they had an unlock code or something, but never got a response.

I got one during the last sale, it was a T-mobile phone. Only bad thing was some heavy screen-burn in, in spite of the description saying there were only cosmetic defects.

I bought one during their last sale and was very happy with it. I use it with Tracfone and have no issues - just put in the new sim card I ordered from Tracfone and transferred my existing Tracfone number over.

The condition of the phone I received was great - a new battery and it looks like it had a new back and new screen. There where some scuffs on the side and the home button, but the sides are covered by my case so I did not care.

Over all I am very happy with the phone.

I got one of these last time around. It had some pretty bad screen burn (very yellow facebook icons). So I returned it.

I guess the upside is that I discovered for myself that the woot return process isn’t horrible.

EDIT: For what it’s worth - the phone I got was a t-mobile model. It had an older version of android, but as soon as I turned it on, it was asking to download and install an update.

Anyone know which vendor these phones will come from?
If it’s Chubbietech, I might go ahead and cancel my order. Already got burned on the “new” “32GB” Nexus 5 that turned out to be refurbished and 16GB.

EDIT: looks like it’s being shipped from Arizona. I wish it was closer, but at least it’s a different vendor.


for recent Nexus 5 “deal” that was a total woot-disaster.

I got one of these last month. Everything makes me think it came from the same vendor as the great Nexus 5 Woot-disaster of 2016 that just took place last week, and is still unfolding as I type this. Yes, I got suckered on both, shame on me. The vendor I received my S5 from was from Astoria, NY as well. Glad to hear you got one from a different vendor. I was really disappointed with the condition mine arrived in. I understand it was scratch and dent, but it was floating loosely in the box when it arrived and the screen was in worse condition than I had hoped it would come in. Apparently, “minor cosmetic blemishes” actually means the previous owner kept the phone in their pocket along with a handful of gravel. I bought the N5 last week because what can go wrong with a “New” phone, right? Oh well, live and learn.

Woot has gone downhill and apparently does not vet their vendors. I guess when you have 17 million items up for sale at the same time it’s just not possible. Ya ya, I know that is an exaggeration but I do miss the days of one deal a day and my last two Woot experiences have really left a bad taste in my mouth.

Edit: I’m sorry, the item I purchased last month was a 32 GB S5 not this same model. I guess I’m just a little irritated right now with all that’s happened in the last few days and am post-happy :wink:

Hey Jimboc22, I’m sorry your last two Woots have been disappointing. If you’re not already, please follow along with the Nexus Phone Forum for updates. We are trying to make this right for everyone involved.

Thanks Taylor. I am following the other thread. I forgot about it for most of today until the case I bought for the N5 arrived this afternoon and it opened the wound back up.

Oh boy, yeah. That case arriving must be like lemon on a paper-cut. I’m so sorry. We’re working hard to make things right.

Got my phone yesterday. No documentation at all. PLugged in the phone wiht the provided charger and after about 20 minutes it turned on and allowed me to start setting it up. I noticed that even though it was plugged in and showing charging, the capacity continued to drop. I turned it off after setting up and allowed it to charge overnight. 8 hours later it was still only 87%. Took it to work within 2 hours it was down to 57% and I wasn’t even using it. I have no service yet but it looks like it will build a charge only if I turn bluetooth and wifi and not touch it.

Now I have to go out and buy a larger battery. Not pleased.

EDIT: The overall condition of the phone was good with no scratches on the screen and only some wear around the corners of the case where I assume it was from using a protective case.

UPDATE: I swapped cable, charger and battery with a friend of mine who has the same phone and it appears to be isolated to either the charger or the cable.

I ordered one for my son and it arrived yesterday. It was an upgrade for his S4. He messed with it for 10 minutes after popping in the SIM card and it’s working great. The phone itself is in great condition cosmetically as well.

It arrived and is currently charging, and the screen itself is fine. The included cable did not seem to work at all for some reason, and the plastic border is in pretty rough shape, considerably worse than the minor damage I was told to expect if you ask me, especially if it interferes with using a case. On top of that there’s all the T-mobile branded applications that aren’t going to work at all with my provider.
I’ll make an update on the battery once I’ve given it a day to prove itself.

Update on battery. It’s not looking so good. Just unplugged minutes ago it and it’s already down to 90%.

UPDATE: The wall charging unit that was provided with the phone was not working. Woot would not replace it and would only offer a refund on the whole package. I ended up buying a charger.

The phone and battery itself is working fine and I am quite happy with it. Disappointed that I had to troubleshoot the battery/charging issue.