Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB (S&D)

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB (S&D)
Price: $159.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days. (Thursday, May 26 to Friday, May 27) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Being as this is the SM-G900T variant of the Galaxy S5, potential buyers should be aware that T-Mobile has made an update to Android 6.0.1 available for this device as of yesterday. It can be installed via OTA, or by following the instructions outlined on their site.

Regardless of what version Android you’re running, this is one of the worst cell phones I’ve ever owned. It’s only a step above the atrocious HTC One X+, which was supposed to have superior battery life. The S5 has terrible sound output, awful internal memory, and the camera is garbage.

Just beware, last month, I got a S&D unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from Woot and it was blacklisted on US carriers. Woot was good and did a RMA for a full refund, but it was a hassle and I ended up not having a phone. I was in near perfect condition, although it suffered from the GPS issue that some devices suffered from.

I got the T Mobile version last month from Woot and it was virtually useless because of a T-Mobile update prior to the newest one mentioned above. I flashed the phone to an older update and then my data wouldn’t work. Returned it and got an open box lg g4. Couldn’t be happier. Hopefully the update fixes things. Google tmboile s5 lag and you’ll find a 2 year long thread where T-Mobile did nothing

I ordered (and returned) one of these the last time they were offered (GSM). It was completely beat-up and IMO barely worth $100 let alone $160. These seem to be warranty phones that they turn on, replace the screen and ship out. The battery will be in some sort of used condition and the USB charger and cord are NON-OEM knock-off garbage.

The phone I was sent was clearly dropped on a hard surface (like concrete) several times. Buyer beware, expect the worse when it comes to the overall condition of the phone.

Shame on Woot for not dropping the price when they have the inventory bottom of the barrel remaining considering the multiple times this has been offered.

Are you talking about the T-Mobile version, or the S5’s in general? I’m asking because I have an S3 and was thinking of upgrading to the AT&T S5.

I got the S&D S5 a few weeks ago and the phone itself was in good shape with only a few scratches wound the corners.

One bad thing was the charger. It didn’t work and woot would not replace it. They only offered a refund for the phone. I opted to get a new charger and kept the phone.

I read some bad reviews about bad battery life but so far mine has lasted more than 24 hours on a full charge with light use.

While I agree with you on the battery life, I’d love to see what you consider to be acceptable sound, camera, and internal storage performance.

Two things I’ve observed with these phones (I support a few of these in an IT-type environment),

  1. They get ‘wonky’ when you use an SD card with them - any SD card, but esp. if it’s one you moved over from another phone. Reformatting helps, but only for so long. Doesn’t seem to matter how good quality the card is, it’s the use of it. I finally just ditched mine altogether and have been much happier. While I could use some more memory, running the internal storage at > 85% does have one key benefit;

  2. It’s the only way to stop carriers from Shoving the next OS upgrade down your throat (unless you want to root it). At least Apple never allowed that. When I first got my S5 on ‘Kit Kat’, the battery life was amazing. 6 months later Verizon forced ‘Lollipop’ on me and it’s been just average ever since. One other thing - this is the last Galaxy with a removable battery (the new NSA-compliant S6 went the way of the iPhone in the respect), so if you like carrying a charged spare this is your phone.

Yeah, no. Camera is great, and highly reviews when the phone launched. Battery life is solid and quality is average.

Disclaimer: I’m a smartphone newbie. That said, I’ve gotten two of these in the last several months and they’ve been fine. Some worn-off paint is the only cosmetic issue. The battery life on the one I use isn’t terrific, but I don’t mind carrying a little charging pack, and I know I can replace the battery if I want. We have them on Consumer Cellular, an AT&T and T-Mobile MVNO.

One question, though: Is there any need to upgrade the Android OS if the current one does what I need?

Bought one of these a year ago, the Verizon Galaxy S5 model for $220.

The camera is excellent, the processor power is plenty strong, the signal is strong, the speaker and microphone are strong, the android operating system is great, and I was able to eventually root it and put a deodexed rom on it with all the goodies.

The S&D version I got had a great screen, although there was a dent in the plastic on the bottom and the micro-usb cover was missing (cost $1.75 shipped from amazon to replace) and the back cover was a bit looser than I’d have liked, but otherwise it’s a great phone, and I’m here to buy another.

EDIT: Oh, and the battery life wasn’t that great, but I figured it was because it was used. I almost bought a new one to replace it, but instead got a few Qi chargers and S5 card and just let it charge by setting it down on the pad when I need some extra juice.

I have had Samsung phones for several years. The S4, S5, and then S6… let me say that the battery life keeps getting worse. They keep downgrading the battery size and even though I didn’t have the S6 for a full year I would have to charge it NUMEROUS times a day! In comparison the S5 stayed charged longer. I switched back to the S5 and bought one of these phones. The battery life was great. The problem was with it being a T-Mobile phone originally and it kept giving me pop ups to upgrade the T-Mobile software. Since I am with AT&T I never upgraded it. But then I got sick of it and all the problems I’ve been having with Galaxy phones and went back to the Darkside by purchasing a iPhone 6S. No more problems!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My wife has had an S5 for a couple of years now. We have insurance through Tmobile, so when the original phone started getting slow and couldn’t be improved with Tmobile’s advice, we called and got it replaced. We sent it back, got a refurb replacement and it lasted 3 months. Sent that one back, got a new refurb and it lasted 3 months. Did it one more time and guess what? lasted 3 months. Tmobile insurance is fantastic as they keep replacing phones at no cost to us, but the phones don’t last. THIS is why I will never buy a Samsung refurb ever. Btw, I was a buyer of Woot’s Google Nexus 16gb debacle of 2016 (last week), decided to keep it and am happy with it. Even with the 4 or 5 third party apps that I loaded that I use often, there is still 12gb left to use. So as long as I pay attention to off-loading pics and vids once a month or two, I’ll be okay. Love the phone.

It sounds like “refurbished” really just means reset to factory defaults and reboxed. Good to know.

I came to the S5 from the Darkside for one reason alone - missed call alerts. Not the ones you can set to chime an extra time or two - the ones you can set to remind you every 5 minutes until YOU acknowledge them.

I’ll never go back to Apple until they allow this without jailbreaking. It’s literally the difference between me owning my phone, and my phone owning me.

It’s only a matter of time before all phones are unlocked [evil laughter]…
And Refurbished [More evil laughter…]


I just bought one. Am I going to regret my purchase?