Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB (S&D)

Anybody have experience with Woot’s “scratch and dent” phones? How badly scarred up are they?

compatible with sprint?

Not Sprint. Should work with Tmobile, AT&T and Cricket

Some have good experiences with them, some not.

One person said the received device looked liked it was thrown in a washing machine with rocks, one person said the device they received was in good condition (B+ condition).

Mine will be here Monday, will post back.


Mine had a little bit of scraping around the edges. I easily covered it up with a protective case. Has been an absolutely fabulous phone and would buy another one in a heartbeat.

Thank you Sue.

No. Verizon is CDMA, GSM devices will not work on Verizon.

Actually Verizon has both CDMA and GSM phones.

since when?


Will it work with Straight talk?

We don’t have a list of all carriers. You can check using the link provided in the features:

Will this phone work with my carrier? Let’s find out! CLICK HERE

Well, I just got mine, and it was beaten to hell. The front screen is covered with small scratches, and one big scratch across the lower third. The camera glass is so badly scuffed that pictures come out blurry.

The plastic edges of the device are also badly nicked, but this is just cosmetic.

All I can say is, yikes. Hopefully they accept my return.

So I’m wondering, how did the return process go?

If you could just answer a general question about scratch and dent, I had no luck when I emailed customer service. I want to know, if the screen IS scratched, even if it is still usable, can i get an exchange or refund? Thanks in advance for your help!