Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB (S&D)

I don’t understand the results on the other website to find out if this will work or not. Says it will work on Verizon 4GLTE but not 3G. I live in an area that 4G isn’t always available so it drops to 3G. So does that mean it will not work at all? Please advise… Looking at the note 4 or the S5.

Are the batteries in these phones new?

Having an extremely bad experience with this item, I feel obligated to comment every time it’s offered.

The unit I got was completely trashed, had been dropped several times on a hard surface, bezel and case was in horrible shape. They clearly just replaced the screen and sent it out for sale. These appear to be warranty claim phones.

The charger and USB cable are NOT OEM, it’s some cheap knock-off garbage. The battery you will get is not new, so who knows how long until you need to replace it.

If you need a back-up S5 as an emergency back-up, maybe, but with the lottery of phone condition; to me this purchase is worth $90-100 MAX.

Prepare to be disappointed and if you’re ok with that with no expectations, then go for it. I sent mine back immediately. It was “refurbished” to “function” but cosmetically it was trashed.

Also when these were sold last on the electronics.woot site several have complained that the phone is locket to TMobile and the handsets were not unlocked correctly.

Overpriced for what you will get or expect.

Highly recommend any buyers immediately check their purchases from this deal. I bought an S4 from a similar Woot deal a couple months ago and didn’t find out until well past the 21-day return policy period that it wasn’t unlocked. It turn out that it was, in fact, still in a contract.

Buyer beware. Bought the S5 only to find out is was not unlocked. Still locked to T-Mobile and T-Mobile will NOT unlock phones unless you have service with them. Sent it back today. The phone seemed fine but locked. I do not understand why Woot cannot make sure of these offers before selling them. It would save people a lot of hassle.

I received this phone today. It didn’t acknowledge my SIM card from another compatible phone. After over an hour with AT&T tech support (my current carrier), turns out the phone IS NOT UNLOCKED from T-Mobile. AT&T can’t help, and T-Mobile won’t unlock it unless I have a current account.

I emailed WOOT, but until they resolve this problem, the phone is unusable.