Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB (S&D)

Do you think the S5 is going to be supported for much longer? I love how cost-effective it is (I refuse to pay $600+ for a smartphone) but I don’t want to buy it and then in six months find out I can no longer update it.

Second question: I know it says “scratch and dent” but if it’s scratched up to the point that I find it unusable, would I be able to return it? It says the product comes with a 90 day Woot limited warranty, but since the product states it has “minor cosmetic blemishes that will not impact use of the device” I was wondering if it was.

My phone was in good condition cosmetically. After a few weeks, the selfie camera stopped working and the battery drains pretty quickly.

Mine came locked to T-Mobile. Paint was scratched off on both sides. I now have to pay to unlock the damn thing. Very frustrating. Best to avoid these if you can.

I’m sorry for the problem with the phone. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

Every time these come up I feel the need to share my experience purchasing one of them a few months back. It is functional and usable, but I found the screen had a lot of scratches, more so than what I would consider “minor cosmetic blemishes”. I guess everyone has their own idea of what “minor” is.

I cannot comment on the return process as I did not try to return it. The phone was for my wife and she needed a phone and she did not want to deal with the hassle of a return. If it was for me, I would have tried to return it. Lesson learned, I just won’t buy another “scratch and dent” device from Woot again.

I already owned a S3 and a S5, so don’t ever expect software support from Samsung. But you can switch to cyanogenmod. It is faster, consumes much less battery and have many cool features.

After the S3 I have been avoiding Samsung because of their poor software. But when it is much cheaper then a Nexus I end up purchasing the Samsung (that was the case with S5).

Not compatible with verizon?

Not this one. Sorry.

Would this model be compatible with Virgin Mobile?

If it were actually unusable, yes you could return it, but just having a scratch here and there won’t impact functioning. There could be other imperfections as well. I just bought one from woot, and the AMOLED screen has a burned-in after image from the prior user’s facebook. It’s only noticeable if you have a blank white page (you can see the outline of where the facebook status bar is) and doesn’t keep you from using the phone. If you want something in perfect condition, don’t buy a scratch&dent, but if you want a functional phone for less than you’d pay on amazon, this is your deal.

There’s a link in the features that will help you figure out carriers.

I guess I meant if there’s a huge scratch that takes up half of the screen, or like spiderwebbing or something. To some people I guess it might be usable, but if I can’t see what I’m doing on the phone then to me it’s unusable.

And if a function like the camera doesn’t work, to me that’s an unusable phone since it’s what I mostly use my phone for anyway.

Mine is supposed to arrive on Thursday, so I guess we will see what it looks like when it gets here. I will definitely take pictures of the phone to have examples of S&D quality.

I see. What I’m trying to avoid is I bought a 4th gen iPod once and then two years later they came out with a new OS that “wasn’t compatible” and shortly after that I could no longer download any new apps on the damn thing. They were barely at the 5th gen ipod when that happened. But your cyanogenmod thing sounds like a good alternative, I will look into it.