Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB (S&D)

Picked up one of these last time in white. Despite being S+D, mine had no noticeable wear. It was a Tmobile model and did have their apps on it. Had just under 10 gb of free storage, took a micro sd card with no problem. Can confirm it works on Cricket network. Pretty good speed on internet. Only complaint is battery life. It’s pretty middle of the road. Battery looked new and original. Came sealed in plastic. But hey, on this model, you can swap batteries super easy. Big plus. I’d recommend.

Will this work in Asian overseas carrier?

I needed a second phone so I picked up a refurb’d S5. Its water resistance, SD card, and removable battery make it miles better than my old S6 and it’s faster playing games than my Moto X pure.It seems nearly as fast as my current S7. The only place it really falls down compared to the S7 is screen visibility outdoors, but how often is that an issue?

TL;DR - Holds its own against an S7 for a whole lot less.

There’s a link at the top of the features where you can research different carriers.

Got one of these the last time around, and it appeared to be used & minimally tested. It was in generally good condition, though the charging port (& cover) seemed worn, loose, and destined to fail as soon as the Woot warranty expired, so I sent a note to customer service. To their credit, Woot gave me a partial refund and offered a return for a full refund (which I didn’t take them up on, as I needed the phone). They didn’t have any in stock to swap.

Given the scenario, I decided to buy the Square Trade coverage on this. Does anyone have experience to share on working with Square Trade on these Woot “refurb” phones?

I hadn’t initially tested it, but, now that I’ve tried to set it up, it appears as though the fingerprint reader isn’t working.

All in all, it’s a pretty good deal if you get a good phone, but caveat emptor. And don’t count on the water resistance, BTW.

I got one of these the last go around. It looks fine with just a few scratches — but the unlocking was done by rooting the phone and so I cannot so an official SW update even though the description at sale said I could update to 5.x.

It came with 4.4.2 and is stuck there. If I try to update it tells me that unauthorized access has occurred. Can’t even update via Kies. I sent note to woot but they just shrugged it off with no help and no offer for refund.

TL;DR – Beware the unlock since they may trigger Knox and then you can’t get official SW updates :frowning:

You should be able to update using Odin. Check out XDA-Developers for more info:

IMHO, it’s worth upgrading to Marshmallow.

Got one of these last time and it’s in rough condition. Sending it back.

Yeah, I’ve looked into that but haven’t taken the dive yet. I’m just disappointed Knox was tripped and thus no support from Samsung.

I purchased one of these on the last go-around.

Mine certainly has scratches and dents. Screen was already scratched. Frame had several scrapes. Pretty unsatisfied with the phone, but I needed one ASAP.

Mine is also loaded with T-mobile apps, but works fine on AT&T.

Check this link to see if it will or not.

I bought one of these last time, and am pretty happy with it overall. Mine has a lot of bondo around the edges, but the top looked new. I put an Otterbox on it, and you wouldn’t know the difference.

Mine is loaded with T-mobile apps, but I was able to add an AT&T byop Tracfone card in it. And, it works fine, except it won’t let me set up my voicemail. I have to just call my phone. Weird.

Can anyone clarify the description that says “compatible with T-Mobile and ATT”? If it is unlocked, won’t it work with any cell carrier? I want to use it with US Mobile or Verizon.

AT&T, T-MOBILE, Metropcs are GSM carriers. Cricket, too (google it)

Most of the rest are CDMA carriers. If it specifies carriers it means GSM/or/CDMA.

Nexus phones take anybody. Some others, too. Google vigilantly, fellow traveler!

It is unlocked to work with all GSM carriers. T-Mobile & ATT are the two largest GSM carrier networks so we list them.

Why doesn’t the Specs list the “Sub Model”? I can’t use the link WOOT sent to check if this phone will work with my carrier because it’s asking for the “Sub Model” and WOOT doesn’t give me that. What can I do?

The sub model is SM-G900T. It’s in the description. It looks like it was/is originally a T-Mobile version.


It’s in the title :slight_smile:

Can this be upgraded to Lollipop 5.1.1?