Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB (S&D)

Thinking about getting this but was wondering if its still worth getting or hold off / find a different phone. Any thoughts.

Got one a couple weeks ago from woot with the same deal. It says unlocked T-Mobile, Att. I’m with ATT.

It works. No problem switching everything over from the old phone. It comes with a used knock off Samsung charger.

There’s a little cover over the area where the charger is plugged in. It does not open easily. I’ve had to use a knife to pry the cover open to use the charger. I’m ready to tear the cover off! Grrr…

The ad says it’s T-Mobile or ATT. Actually, it’s a T-Mobile phone. All the standard ring tones are T-Mobile. And it keeps trying to update and sends notifications that it needs to update.

It’s not a new phone. There are nicks and dents. I use a phone cover so the imperfections don’t show.

Thanks for your input. I plan on having a case so any s&d wont matter. I looked up what I could about this model & it seems to beable to have android 6.0. So far not to many cons that would bother me so I’m putting in my order. Thanks again

Beings this is unlocked can you use it on the Verizon Network?

no, the T-mobile and ATT&T phones use sim cards. You need one that says CDMA for Verizon. There are two different types of cell phone technologies.

We purchased a phone from this deal. It was “Unlocked” but when we had trouble getting it to work correctly with our SIM card, we called T-Mobile and found out that it actually is NOT unlocked and were told to contact WOOT. When we called WOOT, we were told that we were the second person to call that day to that representative who had bought from this ad but their phone arrived LOCKED, not UNLOCKED as advertised, just like ours. Its a bummer. Now we are phone-less until we can resolve this issue. Worst part, we put a screen protector on it so we are out $10 on that. Boo :frowning:

I’m really sorry to hear that. Feel free to send me a private message if they don’t get that situation worked out for you in a few days.