Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB (S&D)

Will woot ever sell Verizon compatible phones? I’ve never seen any – always AT&T and T-Mobile. Why is this? Surely there are a lot of Verizon phones available?

Run away from this.
I bought one a few weeks ago. The screen has a horrible burned in image. I complained and was told I would get a $15 refund. Woot refunded me $0.39. I complained again, and haven’t heard back. I am having to contact my bank to have the transaction reversed.

[MOD: I looked at your order. You were refunded the additional $15 today. Sorry for the problem with the first refund.]

I have same question: Why does Woot offer only phones for AT&T and T-Mobile, never for Verizon (which has one of, if not the, best network)?

I agree. I bought one and it didn’t last 30 days. Woot customer service, what a joke, never did anything for me. I wouldn’t buy anything on Woot that you needed to depend on.

Their customer service isn’t worth a hoot. I had a similar issue about 6 months ago and because of that I have serious doubts that I will ever buy anything else from WOOT. It seems Amazon is intertwined with WOOT, but Amazon’s customer service ranks an A+ whereas WOOT ranks a D-

On the other hand, I’ve gotten two of these from Woot – last January and last March – and have found them to be perfectly satisfactory. I’d buy another if I needed one.

Are these Factory (Samsung) refurbs or seller refurbs?

Are these Factory (Samsung) refurbs or seller refurbs?

They are 3rd party refurbished.

I will also chime in with a RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY! I have ordered this “deal” twice. First time, I actually got a Verizon phone instead of ATT…Second time, phone looked like it had been put through a blender AND judging by how hot the battery got during the 60 seconds I had it on, you could tell it really wanted to be an S7. RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS ONE!

This cell phone serves the Colombian network?

There’s a link at the top of the features that will let you look up your network.

Thank you. I don’t trust 3rd party refurbs. I’ve seen what they do to decide if a phone is good to be used as “refurb”. Samsung rebirth is far superior.

Bought one for the wifey over the summer. Been working fine. Did take a few phone calls with cricket to get the number ported successfully from Verizon, but have no idea if that was a phone problem or carrier problem. It arrived in great shape. For a scratch and dent, I didn’t find any scratches or dents. Provided you get a functioning device, this is a pretty good deal.

And I’m surprised at all the negatives about Woot customer service. Never had to return a phone, but I did return a generator and some lamps. No problems whatsoever. Maybe things have changed?

I’m not sure why Woot doesn’t offer Verizon phones. For me, personally, I prefer AT&T phones. Where I live AT&T is just as good as Verizon, plus they are on GSM (Verizon is CDMA). The rest of the world (outside of the USA) uses GSM, so the AT&T/T-Mobile phones work great for traveling internationally.

Perhaps Woot sees the GSM phones as a potentially larger market, if they sell overseas or to people who travel overseas frequently.

I had a very similar experience. I purchased the phone in late November, it was in good cosmetic condition, and I only noticed the horrible burn-in after changing the default screen layout. There was keyboard burn-in, search bar burn-in, etc. It also has a sub-optimal headphone jack. When I complained to customer service, they offered me an RMA but I had already moved my contacts over. Decided just to roll with it as my second cuservice email requesting a partial refund went unanswered, but certainly do not recommend anyone else purchase these until they improve their QC procedures. Not worth the headache.

If not, here’s my story. I lost my Verizon S4. Instead of buying another I went to Wal-Mart, bought a Samsung J1 on a different number for $60 and a month-to-month plan. Paid for one month to get the phone activated. (Had to.) Then I took the J1 to Verizon and had them associate that SIM card to my existing number.

The Verizon person said I’d be happier with the J1. Better battery usage, better camera, faster. Sure enough, I am happier with it. Technology pushes on: the J1 is better than a 2 yr old S4.

It seems that if you want Verizon compatible phones you should buy from Groupon - they always seem to have the Verizon variant, and an AT&T variant, but no T-Mobile variant

So I bought the phone (unlocked) as the description says. Got the phone and it is locked to T-Mobile. Tried looking for a number to call customer service but only an email option. Now i have to wait 24hrs for a response which i am certain is not going to be in my favor. Then what?