Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB (S&D)

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB (S&D)
Price: $119.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Feb 08 to Monday, Feb 13) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Will it work with Straight Talk?

Yes. I have this phone and it works. However, my reception in this area is bad for GSM. CDMA is better for my area. So, check your coverage for GSM first. As soon as WOOT! has a CDMA phone, I am buying it. (hint hint)

Be cautious. Woot sells stolen phones, then, when your cell provider shuts the phone off, they refuse to resolve the issue and you’re stuck with an unusable phone.

Interesting. Woot!, where do you get these “refurbished” units?

I must be missing something, but please clue me in as to why Woot! never seems to offer phones that will work with Verizon? Thanks.

Beware the refurbs! I bought an S6 refurbished in August. Physically the phone fine, but a couple days ago it somehow got blacklisted by my carrier and can longer be used as a phone. Apparently I have zero recourse through woot or the carrier. My perfectly functional phone has now become a very small tablet and I’m forced to replace it. I thought buying through reputable sources would prevent that, apparently not!

So is it an unlocked AT&T phone, or an unlocked Tmobile phone. it does tend to make a difference.

See the model # is SM-G900T? The T refers to the T-Mo version from what I’ve read.

I’ve asked our vendor managers about this and in general the answer is that the type of phone that works with Verizon is just harder to find. With that said, we do occasionally offer them, just less frequently than we would like to offer them.

Oh no! I hope you contacted Customer Service about this issue!

If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form to report the issue. They should be able to help.

Bought this same phone through Woot a while back… it worked great until I cracked the screen :frowning: I’m thinking about replacing it with the same thing if I can’t get it repaired cheaply…

It works with Ting, whose GSM network is T-Mobile’s network… though they don’t say so …

I bought two of these back in September for my husband and myself. They both work awesome. No problems whatsoever.

Will this work with Net10?

In recent days I bought an apple watch from woot and what I received was an empty box and pay $ 200 for this, woot has to respond to me for this problem and punish its supplier for defrauding customers

If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

Dr. Google says “If your phone is an Unlocked GSM Phone, or a phone compatible with either AT&T or T-Mobile, you will need a NET10 BYOP SIM that is compatible with your phone’s supported carrier.”

Thanks for the response, I look forward to a Verizon-compatible offering.

Good things come to those who wait- but hint hint you may not have to wait long…