Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB (S&D)

The “Will My Phone Work” link requires a submodel. Does anyone know the submodel on these?


will this work on verizon?

No, but a few other options in this event will.

Last time these were on woot, I wanted it and did way too much research.

The last letter indicates the carrier the phone was made for; 900A = ATT & 900T = Tmobile.

This 900T phone was made for T mobile but has all the LTE bands supported by ATT. It also lacks Tmobile’s LTE band 12. Info from: Phone Arena

Too confusing for me though…

Holy smokes, is this the same phone that I bought two units; for 30 Buck higher on Woot, just 5 days ago??? Here’s mud in your eye!

Do tell…

The phones you bought were the SM-G900V. These are the SM-G900T. You phones were also “Grade-A” refurbished, as opposed to the standard scratch and dent of this offer.

This is my 3rd one purchased of this model. It was $40 higher when I bought the last two a year ago. Are you going to price adjust my bill? :slight_smile:

I received my Samsung S5 and it appeared to be in great condition until I tried to charge the battery. The charger sent would not work so I used a Samsung charger from my other S5 and it worked like a charm. Too bad these guys don’t have better quality control.