Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked 16GB (S&D)

I bought this phone, (relatively recently) S&D, from woot! at a higher price.
It did have some cosmetic scratches on the outside rim (screen was perfect). Great phone, great camera!! Apps work great!
at this price, I may pick up another one!!!

I purchased this same phone in November for $135. Very happy with this (older) flagship product, as it replaced a cheap/crappy Alcatel smartphone from Tracfone. Using Tracfone SIM for service. Arrived in great condition. Now my wife is needing one too - great price.

Please do yourself a favor & know what you’re doing before buying this phone! I jumped on this deal when it was more expensive (THANKS WOOT!) as it was advertised “compatible with AT&T.” The image that was on the phoen was T-Mobile, which made it impossible to utilize the Wi-Fi calling from AT&T which I need for use in my house which doesn’t get a cellular signal. Now I’m out $135 with a phone that I can’t use unless I switch to T-Mobile service. CONFIRM THE CARRIER IMAGE BEFORE BUYING THIS PHONE!

I too jumped on this deal in February and got 2. Very nice phones with a tiny bit of cosmetic damage. They were originally T-Mobile phones but I had switched from them to Consumer Cellular a year before. After changing the APN settings for CC,I could do everything except make wifi calls, something we truly needed. CC has no solution to “er101 - invalid certificate” and Samsung won’t even reply to the numerous messages I’ve left on their site. Beware!

I got this phone from Woot last July. I am happy that I bought it, but I would not recommend it now. It’s another year older, and the one that I have is very slow, and likes to act up at weird times. Sometimes the battery will drop super quickly. Sometimes the screen will start flickering. Apps will suddenly close out. I’m also not sure how much longer support or updates for the S5 will be available.

Replaced my flip phone with a 5s 2 years ago, hinge was getting squeaky. It’s been great and I love the camera. Recently I sat on it with keys in my pocket crushing the camera lens cover. Replaced the cover but camera is also damaged and needs replaced. I hope this works out and I get a good camera out of it. Says it will work with my carrier.

I was very interested in getting this phone - I have a Note 4 still serving my needs, but having a backup of sorts is always nice. Then I noticed that this phone is MISSING BAND 12 (700 mhz), which is vital for TMobile 4G LTE in many rural areas.

T-Mobile uses the Verizon network out here. So, does that mean this will work with Verizon, even though it doesn’t specifically state Verizon?