Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked GSM S&D

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked GSM S&D
Price: $179.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 2-3 business days. (Friday, Jan 29 to Monday, Feb 01) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Would anybody bank on these still being waterproof since they are refurbished?

So what networks can you use these on?

Darn it, never any verizon-compatible phones on here.

Anyone know if this works internationally? The bands I need are
UMTS 2100;850 - GSM 1800
and I see that it supports those, but is that all that’s needed to have ti work with an overseas SIM card? I ask because they market a few other models of the S5 as the international models and this one says USA only.

I’d say yes. As long as they have the charge port cover they should be fine. The waterproofing is just that and the back plate seal. There’d have to be substantial damage to keep those from working.

GSM networks. - AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, etc…

Man I wish this had posted a week ago. I just bought a used S5 off of Craigslist for a lot more. This is a good deal. In my area $200 is the average used price and I’d say these are a step above that.

According to the Specs:

•GSM band: AT&T, T-Mobile

So it’s guaranteed to work with those carriers.

So… no Sprint? :frowning:

Is the battery new?

They had an S&D of this before for something like $109. It was in Moofi in sellout. All sold out before I could get my hands on one though.

Is this gorilla glass?

do you have to have a provider or do they work with wifi like an ipod or a tablet

do you have to have a provider or do they work with wifi like an ipod or a tablet


You can use any GSM service like T-Mobile or AT&T. These will NOT work for any CDMA carrier like Verizon or Sprint.

Yes you must have a porvider give you service this is not a tablet it is a cellular phone.

My “new” one wasn’t waterproof. . . . That is why I need a new one… :slight_smile:

Sorry No Sprint or any other CDMA like Verizon. These will only work for GSM carriers like AT&T or T-Mobile

Why are you replying to something which you have no clue about? You do not have to have cellular service to be able to use a Samsung Galaxy S5 with WiFi. They work just fine with WiFi and no SIM card, for the things which work over WiFi.

This surprises me… I love this phone. As long as the battery cover is on, I don’t see why it wouldnt remain waterproof. Pretty slick design.