Samsung Galaxy S6 VZN/GSM(S&D)

Can this phone be used on ATT?

Will this work with T-Mobile?

I wish I could give you a definitive answer but since VZW and Sprint use basiclly the same phones (made for CDMA/GSM), I hope this helps. Be Careful. It might work on GSM but not on LTE/4G data. I had a Samsung S7 edge (Sprint) that I ported over to TMUS. Had to get Sprint to UNLOCK the phone 1st (it was paid for) but even after multipul tries, it would not work on LTE/4G on TMO’s system. Even though it did have the correct bands for my area of michigan, every time I tired to do anything data, it would drop to the 3G mode. I ended up just buying a S7 edge (used) off ebay and shelving my SPrint phone (3 of my kids still have Sprint so it’s now a spare). I found out that if the phone is not a "special edition. My TMO phone is SM-G935T, the sprint phone was a 935P (which from what I found out is a phone that works with the specific carrier all bands). All the looking around I did, found out some VZW (and Sprint) users on SOME phones have run into this issue.

So, it should work, but may only work on the slower network speeds and not cover all bands.

TLDR: It should work for most things people use their phones for, but look out for blocked features.

I am on T-Mobile and tried a VZN refurb sometime back. As an unlocked GSM phone it is band compatible and was functional on T-Mobile upon inserting the SIM card. However, I use my phone as a mobile hotspot from time to time. Despite carrier unlock, WiFi tethering was blocked on the VZN phone. Local VZN techs were unable to unlock that feature for me (and I believe they were really trying). That made it a no-go for me and I returned it. Again this may have changed, particularly if tethering is universally supported by VZN now, but this is the sort of issues you might have.

I just checked on and it shows that it will.

Sound advice. There’s also the compatibility checker link at the top of the product description on the front page.

BTW, we have property in NW Michigan. Do you have any TMO experience up there? Our fear is TMO is non-existent away from I-75 and Traverse City so we stay with AT&T and get 4-5 bar LTE up there (although the land portion backhaul to the Internet portion feels like 3G at best!?!). And that AT&T corporate employee discount is an anchor making our price close to TMO anyway.

Are these phones unlocked or rooted?

Will this phone work on Cricket - if not can i get a refund?

For any questions regarding if it is compatible with your network, please use this Will My Phone Work link. You can also find this link in the Features section.

Anybody else purchase one of these as “scratch and dent” ? Any idea how scratched or dented these are?

I purchased an HTC One M9 about a month ago from a different Woot S&D sale, and I couldn’t tell it had ever been used.


I’ll add my 2-cents…I bought a T-mobile Samsung S5 scratch and dent and it was in great shape. It worked with my AT&T service at 4G. I bought a Sprint Samsung S6, also, scratch and dent that was even in better shape. However, with my AT&T service, I could only get 3G and my coverage was spotty. I think the “scratch and dent” phones were fine, but the bigger issue was compatibility.

Some of the forums (tmobile) said you could load the T-mobile ROM to make the phone TMO compatable but I didn’t want to take the chance of bricking my 16 month old S7. I just got a referb and called it a day. Having pretty much the same experience as you but just using data in general. You could watch the phone switch back and forth when trying to connect to a web site or streaming. It would always try LTE but jump back to GSM. Sometimes, I would just get a “Data network not available” if I FORCED it to use LTE.

Yeah, mine did too. It will work on TMO but may not work on high speed data (or tethering) You need the version and model nr of the phone to be sure.

Wife has the Project Fi Nexus 5x that is on TMO 90% of the time. I had Sprint @ the time when I recently went over to Sturgeon Bay Wi via the north route. I do know all along I-75 from Detroit to St Ignace, it worked fine. about 15 or so miles west of the “Mystery spot” or west of St Ignace, Tmo died/lost service from time to time but did work about half the time. Their coverage map shows this also. Wife rebooted her phone and it jumped on a Sprint roaming partner. I’ve been to Cadillac area and it worked fine. A recent trip to southern Ky, service was solid all the down 75, 71 and I-65. My sister who lives there complained about not having service down by where we were staying (Barren River State Park) and she has AT&T. We were out in the boonies (14 miles south of town) and I had 5 bars and was able to use my hot spot instead of the slow hotels wifi. I think you should be covered in the TC area.

If you go here and click on the area, it kinda tells you what type of signal you will get. Though I don’t put must trust in coverage maps (full of hype), places I’ve been are pretty well documented on the map)

Our place is over in the Crystal Lake area west of Traverse City.

Those coverage maps are a joke.

And even if an LTE tower is on top of you, it guarantees nothing about the landline performance once your connection travels down to the ground.

Who has my tracking number? I got someone in VA I live in IL

Looks like we’re aware of this and are working to get updated/corrected tracking. Sorry about this.