Samsung Galaxy S6 VZW/GSM Unlocked (S&D)

What about warranty issues - How will they be handled?

Does this work with sim cards purchased in Europe? I want to be able to purchase a cheap Sim card in England for data and text capabilities.

Compattable with Sprint? I don’t see Sprint specifically listed.

Are you certain this only has Android 5.0 on it, that it does not yet have Nougat (Android 7.0) installed as the operating system? I don’t want 7.0 on my phone.

Anyone know if refurbished phones get new batteries in them?

According to it will work with Sprint’s 2G and 3G networks, but not its 4G network.

I bought an S6 refurb from woot a couple weeks ago. It had 5.0, but of course you can upgrade for free to Nougat if you choose.

I ordered S6 and received Note 5. Is damaged at corners of screen and is not unlocked (will not work with t-mobile SIM).

… was able to get it switched to GSM to work on t-mobile, but then noticed the “back” and (whatever you call that other button) dont work. These are located where there is obvious screen damage at both lower corners. Awesome job refurbing these, guys

I finally got this phone switched over and MMS doesn’t send or receive. Word text messages are fine and so is everything else I’ve tried but I NEED MMS. Thanks.

Apparently my phone is still linked to the previous account, and therefore cannot be activated on my account. Anyone else stumble across this gem? And find out how to circumvent the issue?