Samsung Galaxy S6 Wireless Charger

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Wireless Charger
Price: $34.99
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Not a bad deal for a Qi charger (should work with any Qi phone, not just Samsung.) Does it include the USB power supply also?

You can get QI chargers on amazon for $14 shipped. I guess the extra $21 is for the name Samsung on it.

Some adapter isn’t included, but I asked the team for clarification. Check back for an update.

Update: No USB Cable.

From the listing, no. You must supply the USB cord.

Wireless chargers are weirdly all over the place. The ones that stand your phone upright are closing on $50 a pop, but a flat style with great reviews can cost less than $20.

These are on Amazon ($40.71) for the almost same price with prime shipping. Ew.

Better and cheaper:

Nokia DT910 Wireless Charging Stand

Don’t you hate when people use ‘Qi’ against you while playing Words With Friends? I have the first party folding cover for the Galaxy Note 4. I’m guessing that is NOT also a charging cover for one of these Qi chargers?

Answer to Question about USB Cable

It does not come with a USB cable. You can use the one that comes with your phone.

I’m fond of the PowerBot Qi charger, myself. Under $13 shipped on the mothership and looks remarkably similar to this one. And it DOES include a USB cable, unlike the Samsung.

Having said that, wireless charging pads like these are nice, especially for a bedside nightstand. You don’t have to fumble around looking for the wire or charging dock. It’s much easier to grab and go in the morning. And you don’t wear out your USB charging port on your phone as fast (they CAN break).

Try the Itian A6. It stands upright and is only $25. I have been using one and it’s great.

That Itian does not work well with my S6 Edge, FWIW. Very finicky.

Better deal to just get it from Amazon if you have Prime. $40 with free two day shipping vs $35 + $5 shipping that is definitely not two day.

Not really much of a deal at all.

I have an S6 and got this charger “free” with it - the charger is fine but just a heads up - when I use it over night, I would consistently wake up with the phone at 92% or so. After a lot of investigation/experimentation I’ve decided it is because it charges to 100% overnight – shuts down and never checks again for draining.

I have a $20 charger from amazon and it works fine overnight (always 100%).

This charger would be fine if you are picking it up and resetting it or don’t absolutely want the phone at 100% when you wakeup.

Wireless charger?

But I can see a wire in the photo of the product.

Oh…It’s “wireless” because it doesn’t come with the required USB cable.

By that logic, doesn’t that make most every electronic item “wireless,” if the seller doesn’t include the cable/wire???

(scratching head)

Charger-to-phone wireless. Not wall-to-charger wireless. Unless you think it magically creates electricity on its own.

Are you required to remove your phone’s protective case to be able to use this product?