Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB Smartphones (S&D)

To those who have purchased these S&D phones from Woot in the past, how scratchy and denty are they? And can anyone comment on battery condition? I’m concerned about getting a device whose non-replaceable battery already has significant use. Thanks!

I picked up the s6 edge a few months ago and it looks almost new. No scratches on the screen but a few tiny ones on the side. (You really need to be looking for them to notice) The battery seems maybe slightly less than normal but still good. Holds the charge throughout the day. Good purchase. Wayy better than the carrier payment plans.

i bought an s7 edge in the last offer. I’d say it’s in excellent condition, but it’s possible i just got lucky? the only sign of wear is the home button - there is a slight abrasion and is very “clicky” when you press it (although i searched around a bit and it seems like this isn’t uncommon even in new ones?) battery seems great to be, i regularly get 4-5 hours screen on time no problem.

i also flashed the firmware since this is a verizon model and I’m in t-mobile. it worked without flashing, but supposedly isn’t optimal. honestly i just wanted to get rid of the bloatware and get on the automated update path, so i went with the samsung non-carrier branded firmware (935U). the hardware is the same between all s7 edge models so it’s no problem to do this, just takes little reading on xda. well worth it imo.

overall very happy with my purchase.

do you have a website on how to flash the firmware for T Mobile?

I bought a Samsung S6 and couldnot get it to work with T Mobile correctly. I could not search the web via the phone data plan. Thanks.

Hi, I got the S7 a few months ago, and it’s nearly mint, battery life is decent, however I don’t have another S7 to compare battery life. I use the phone quite a bit and need to charge it about 3/4 of the way through each day. I’m extremely happy with the phone and would buy another in a flash!

We have bought 3 phones via woot. We returned one because the screen was really badly scratched up (easy return), one was great and one the camera was just totally screwed up and the camera worked intermittently. Which we had to keep because we noticed it to late for return.

I love woot but whomever they are selling the phones for is crappy in thier quality control after repairing phones.

The battery life sounds normal for sansumg.

With the 3 I have owned none had to be "flashed"for T moblie.

XDA developers is the “definitive” resource for this stuff, but is unfortunately pretty unorganized and assumes a fairly high level of knowledge already. they might be able to point you to an easy step-by-step procedure though. good luck!

and somebody replied below that you don’t need to flash, and that is technically true. i just needed to manually add the APN information for t-mobile ti my Verizon phone, and it did indeed work. however if you really dig into it (i.e., start talking to the people at XDA) they’ll tell you that while this works it’s not optimal. not all t-mobile bands are enabled on the radio provided by the verizon firmware, whereas they are with the t-mobile firmware (and also, i believe, the genetic non-carrier firmware from samsung itself but i couldn’t find a definitive resource to confirm this). another big negative of staying with the verizon firmware on t-mobile network is that you will not receive any firmware updates like you normally would. this includes major updates as well as security updates. my s7 edge came with android 7.0 and was stuck there. i now receive over the air updates after flashing to 935u firmware.

I got a Note 3 a couple years ago and the frame around the outside edge was very scratched and dented. The screen and camera lens were in perfect condition. The battery was in good condition and held at least a day’s worth of charge.

Last year, I purchased a Note 4 that was S&D from here. I’ll let this video of it in action speak for itself.

Additionally, while it was not my purchase (and was instead done by a family member), an S&D Galaxy S6 arrived with burn-in so bad that we could see Facebook Messenger courtesy of the prior owners apparent copious usage.

Anyone have experience trying to use on the AT&T network?

Can’t speak for the more recent S&D S6 and S7s, but we bought a S&D S5 a while back that arrived with its screen in horrible condition. I post this every time I see these scratch and dent phones come up on woot. My opinion… I won’t ever buy another one from woot.

I’ve seen Samsung phones under these networks - Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

Do you have any Samsung Smart phones under AT&T (not just 1 or 2 AT&T bands)?

FWIW, mine came with adware pre-installed. Had to use malwarebytes anti-malware to get rid of it.

My S7 is locking up with a dark screen and Verizon logo in back ground. Any ideas to help. Out of warranty at this point.