Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB VZN/GSM(S&D)

will this work with Sprint?

Airlines don’t let the Galaxy Note 7 in the cargo hold, nor in the cabin. I would be cautious with any Samsung G7 - I know those TSA agents are supposed to highly trained, but highly trained TSA is also an oxymoron.

Yes and no.

Can someone from Woot please confirm what version firmware/android OS are on these phones?

With refurbished phones, these can vary unit to unit. They will accept the current updates for this model.

The phone I got is great! Looks brand new, not a single scratch. Thanks Woot!
I did have one issue but I doubt anyone will read this comment. I can’t send pictures in texts messages. I can receive them, just can’t send it forward. I dread calling tmobile.

I see your comment! I’m sorry to hear that, I would say contact your carrier first and notify them of the issue and they may have a solution. If they are unable to do anything and you wish to return the phone, just let Woot CS know and they’ll be happy to assist.

Thank you! I stopped at a tmobile store but they couldn’t figure it out and said I need to call tech. I’ll try them next.

I finally got the word from tmobile telling me I won’t be able to send pictures. I sent a message to customer service. I was going to order the pixel if I get the word that I can still return the s7.