Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB VZN/GSM(S&D)

I had one of these and it was like a new phone. No scratches or dents and everything worked fine. Only issue I had was not being able to send pictures in text messages. I blame T-Mobile for that! Sadly I needed to send it back and the good folks at Woot made my return as easy as could be. But a really nice phone.

I had the exact same problem with pictures. I kept seeing MMS failed, retry. Then, I could use the mic, but the phone aspect wouldn’t work. Not all calls are meant to be on speaker. Then, I got another one, and had the same problem with MMS texts, plus that phone wanted only WIFI…lol I could make calls and word texts were fine, but not pictures, and a cell phone shouldn’t require wifi only. Woot made it easy to return, and emailed me UPS mailer tags. Sent Monday, got credit for 1 phone today, hopefully the next credit tomorrow. I was very happy with the S&D Samsung S5, so I guess I will just keep old phone…

There are S7 new “Factory Replacement” phones sold right now by various outlets for around $300, give or take $20. These presumably would be phones manufactured after Samsung stopped selling S7’s retail and were for replacements under warranty. It would be nice to see Woot get an allotment of such phones, rather than refurbs.