Samsung Galaxy S7 Unlocked GSM (S&D)

I think these would sell better of you specify that these are Samsung galaxy s 7 edge.

The thumbnails show it being the S7 Edge, but the model number is for the regular S7 - So it’s safe to assume it’s the normal S7 they are selling.

S7 has a 5.1" screen whereas S7 Edge has a 5.5" screen.


Is this work internationally?


Be nice to know if these are sprint phones. If they are they dont work for crap on at&t

All you seek is provided in the product title

I agree, I figured it out, that’s why I ordered the poverty S7. I just hope mine wasn’t skipped across a frozen pond before it was returned.

All of the specs listed are for the S7 edge (SM-G935T). But the phone is advertised as the standard SM-930T. I’ve seen it work both ways (model number is incorrect and the specifications are right and vice-versa). Can someone from Woot confirm if this is the S7 edge (as the specs suggest), or the standard (as the model number states)?

What is the warranty?

I would also like to know if this is indeed an S7 or an S7 Edge. Can anyone confirm?

Sold out, or removed due to conflicting product info? If it’s actually an Edge, I want in!

Hey all. As you guessed, we goofed.

This is supposed to be a T-Mobile phone G930T. We’re working on a email to customers.

If it’s under 2 hours and you want to cancel, you can do so through STUFF YOU BOUGHT.

UPDATE: Ok, so the model was always corret (G930T) but we had the photo of the Edge. It was not an Edge.

If you have the G930T available I would like to purchase one.

oh no !! i ordered this last night, and wake up to read these comments. so will our orders be canceled ? or will we be sent a different phone than what was shown ? the listing clearly said AT&T and images and specs indicated Edge screen.

i can feel the disappointment coming at me from beyond the horizon. was this too good to be true ?

Ok I see the update above. It’s not Edge and it’s not At&t. Can I cancel please? Thanks.

I haven’t received any emails regarding my order, other than the confirmation email. Are we getting this or not?

An email was just sent from CS.

The email said the picture was wrong. What about the AT&T compatibility ?