Samsung Galaxy S7 Unlocked (S&D)

Samsung Galaxy S7 Unlocked (S&D)

Purchased one of these for use on the AT&T network - it does not appear to actually be unlocked. I’m going to try calling the phone number for “support” that came with the product when they open today.

Hi there. Don’t forget to set the phones APN setting to your network.

Hi Staff - Yes, APN is set for ATT according to!/wireless/KM1218306?gsi=3il6ke the instructions here. Still no connection to mobile network and no answer from cell support’s phone number.

Ah, ok. You might wait until business hours on the west coast. (I’m not sure where the other company is.)

If you can’t get hold of them, Woot CS can help you with a return.

Does this phone work on Q Link Wireless?