Samsung Galaxy S7 Unlocked (S&D)

Samsung Galaxy S7 Unlocked (S&D)

I’ve ordered 2 of these…first one worked on all bands but lte…not real sure the woot monkeys know what it means to TEST a device and confirm it works.

Second phone was not a Sprint S7 phone. Rather it was labeled a T-Mobile phone on the sticker and with the splash screen during powerup. I guess the woot monkeys could be blind but the Sprint tone and the T-Mobile tone are not the same. So, I guess they could be both deaf and blind…my question is, “how many people have received working Sprint S7 phone during this offering?”

I’m sorry for the problem. Most phones these days have the technology for both built in but only one is activated. Unlocking activates both. Did it work on Sprint for you?

If you’re unhappy, please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.


Thank you for the reply. I agree that unlocking a phone typically allow access to the different carrier’s towers. However, as the listing clearly states, “Samsung Galaxy S7 Unlocked…” these are sold unlocked. Therefore, the purchaser does not need to unlock the phone as it’s already unlocked or maybe the woot monkeys don’t understand truth in marketing practices. Either way, I have two phones that must be returned. Hopefully, I’m able to get a third sent that will work as the listing states with my carrier Sprint.

If you can provide detail steps on how to unlock the T-Mobile device, I’d be more than happy to give it a shot before returning and getting an exchange.

Several in-store Sprint employees as well as two Sprint phone support employees were unable to get LTE to work on the first S7.

It has not been for a lack of effort or need on my part that I have resorted to posts to try to get a working phone.

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Oh no, I wasn’t suggesting that you do it. Just explaining. It looks like something is wrong with your phone so contact Woot customer service and they will help you return it.

I’m sorry for the poor experience.

The one I received was Verizon, and I called to set it up on Sprint, and was told it wasn’t compatible with their network. I had to return it.

That’s the issue I ran into before with Woot. They don’t understand that “unlocking” doesn’t mean it works on all bands (I questioned about an iPhone once for Verizon where people were being told it would work on T-Mobile when it very clearly was not able for that generation/model). Unlocking means it is no longer tied to a specific carrier for a specific person, but it doesn’t change the bands that the actual radio can handle. I’ve argued before that a “Verizon phone” won’t work on an AT&T network unless it specifically has the ability, and just got back “It’s unlocked”. Most times it just can’t be done in the US. Sometimes the phones ARE fully capable, but other times they will work need firmware flashes, which the average consumer won’t want to do. Specifically, the S7 needs the firmware.

If you want to use a phone built for T-Mobile on Sprint, more info can be found here: - Basically, you need to flash the firmware with a Sprint version.

can anyone comment on the condition of these phones?

the last phone I bought on here was 4 years ago and if still working, but my wife’s phone needs replacement and I don’t want to get her something that looks like junk.

Anyone have knowledge if this phone will work with Tracfone? Secondly…how is the battery life, as my current S6 sucks.

These are Scratch & Dent:

Scratch & Dent: These units have been restored to full working order. They may have minor cosmetic blemishes to the body of the unit and surface scratches on the screen. This will not impair use of the device.

My brother bought one of these, advertised as G930P, but received a G930V. His service was with Boost Mobile and they said the phone wouldn’t work. So he switched to MetroPCS and saved $10/month. The phone seems to work fine once you configure the APN settings for MetroPCS. The phone was in very good physical condition.

I bought two G930U phones from a slightly different recent Woot! offering. Both phones were in very good physical condition. I was pleasantly surprised.

@ThunderThighs: The advertised model is G930P, but some people have received G930V phones. If I order one, is it possible to ensure I receive a G930V (the incorrect model)?

Sorry, I wish I could help. These are fulfilled by our vendor.

Ok, thanks for the reply.