Samsung Galaxy S7 VZW/GSM Unlocked(S&D)

Samsung Galaxy S7 VZW/GSM Unlocked(S&D)

Why don’t S&D sales show actual sample photos? A couple of phones randomly pulled out of the pile and labeled as such – “The phone you receive may have a few more dings or fewer” – would be a lot better than the spiffy, shiny, completely unrepresentative model shots.

I think this is the same phone on the mothership for $155… (gold only)

or is the mothership one locked to verizon?

The Amazon sale is locked only to Verizon.

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What is the Grade of these phones, refurbished phones on ebay usually have a Grade of A, B+, B, B-, etc

These are scratch & dent so that would probably be a B to C

Will the scratchs and/or dents affect the phones waterproof? If not I’m sold!

Can I use this phone for the Cricket carrier since it’s unlocked?

Hey there, in the Features section, we have a link where you can see if the phone will work with your carrier.

Listing says phone is unlocked, but it just arrived and is insisting that it has to be set up on the Verizon network.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

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Just want to follow up on my previous comment: Woot customer service response was excellent, contacted my phone provider and they got me sorted out, everything works.

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Locked to Verizon. Entity325, what did they do to fix it?

Call your cell provider. The phone will whine about a non-Verizon SIM card, but it’ll actually work fine on most carriers. Your provider may need to talk you through setting the phone up to access their network, which is what mine did.