Samsung Galaxy S7 (Your Choice)(S&D)

Samsung Galaxy S7 (Your Choice)(S&D)

I got one of the Verizon unlocked Galaxy S7 phones from Woot a month or so ago, and have been able to use it on T-Mobile with almost no problem.

  • I called T-Mobile and they sent me a free SIM card
  • I had to follow some available online procedure to get it to connect to the T-Mobile network (this was a matter of entering some parameters for the T-Mobile network under connection settings)
  • I still get a message at bootup that it’s got a non-Verizon SIM (duh!)

I’m significantly happier with it than my old S5. It seems a bit faster, and it does seem to have more memory headroom.

The one downside (other than having a slightly different UI, so application icons look different and stuff is moved around) is that it doesn’t have an IR Blaster. I just dropped my Verizon television remote control and dropped it … would have been nice to use the S7 as a remote, but it can’t do IR. So I have repurposed my old S5 as a remote (downloadable ap for that), and now have the World’s Most Expensive Dumb Remote Control.


Can anyone confirm if this is compatible with US Cellular? The link says it is with 2G and 3G and might be compatible with 4G, but the last time I ordered an unlocked phone that said the same, they couldn’t get it to work.

What Android version is loaded on these? I don’t see it on the specs.

How much ram does it have?

32GB. See title.

Android Central lists the S7 as having 4 GB of RAM.

It may vary from unit to unit. You can upgrade the software as needed.

Will these phones work with AT&T?

32GB is the amount of storage it has. RAM is not storage.

It has 4GB of RAM

Specs says comes with charge cable. Is that the cable only or does it include the wall wart? OEM or generic?

This was a great phone when I had it. Unfortunately I dropped it a few times and cracked it. It has a glass back and front. It’s snappy, the camera is decent, I even got a camera photo printed in a local tourism magazine.

Stupid glass Samsung phones. Yer not the only one ; )

Can we confirm if the refurbishment includes a battery replacement? My current S7 meets all my needs but it’s need for 5 chargings per day is starting to wear on me.

Choose the G930A.

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Anyway to make sure these won’t have water damage? I’m thinking of getting this for future trade-ins, maybe.

The back is glass to? or just the camera lense

Will this work with Tracfone, if I install their SIM card?