Samsung Galaxy S7 (Your Choice)

So I’ll be the dummy that asks: Is any model compatible with T- mobile?

I’ll be the sarcastic person who answers “Did you Google it?”

Dummies don’t Google, dummy.

I also would like to know the answer to this question. Usually these phones are “GSM unlocked” but this listing says with “AT & T” or “Verizon”.

Like ANY GSM phone, it will work on GSM and may on LTE if that band is supported in your area. I ported a Sprint 935P over to TMO and it worked fine, except high speed data on LTE. It would drop to 3G/GSM. I ended up getting a 935T and put my “P” on the shelf in case I needed it as a spare. So, to “answer” your question. It will more then likely work on GSM w/TMO but not LTE. Your call.

A GSM unlocked phone will work with any carrier that uses GSM like ATT/T-mobile

CMDA unlocked will work with carriers like Verison/Sprint

The fact that this just says ATT or Verizon Implies to me that it is carrier locked and you can’t change it (without some sort of jailbreak)

I came here to ask the same thing – the will my phone work isn’t particularly helpful/clear -

The problem I have with my AT&T on a Tmobile network is you don’t get the phone updates. AT&T is not updating phones on Tmobile and your phone is locked to AT&T.

Prime Day sale on Samsung refurbished S7 edge unlocked for $280. One year Samsung warranty. Not many left.

No word from Woot?
Also curious if these are carrier locked or not. Listing does not seem to specify either way.

My order says gold, but I received black. I’m happy with black anyway, just saying something got weird.

Since Woot doesn’t want to tell us, can you confirm if yours came unlocked or is it carrier locked?



These phones come carrier-locked.