Samsung Galaxy S7 (Your Choice)

What level of degradation can we expect from the batteries on these, given that they’re non-removable?

Get a Costco membership, visit their kiosk for phones, pick up a new, fully warranted Samsung Galaxy J7 V 2nd Gen Silver 16GB for $240, plus it has a removable battery and additional micro sd card storage. 5.5" display, newest version of phone. Boom!

I just got mine and the screen had a bunch of scratches. Sending it back!

Gonna have to do better on price for this to be even close. I bought one through woot and it was broken. headphone jack so loose that the plug wouldn’t even stay in. and the charging jack was messed up and the usb wouldn’t go in all the way.

Ended up going on ebay … come on Woot you can do better than this!!!

I have a S7 I bought a few months ago brand new off an auction site. Accubattery has health at 72%, or 2150 mAh… of course time and the original owner’s charging cycles could make that number worse. Woot says they (or at least their supplier) test and replace batteries as necessary, but I’m not sure of the battery power/life threshold they use to do those replacements.