Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Fully Unlocked)(S&D)

Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Fully Unlocked)(S&D)

Looks like a good buy for ATT/Cricket plans :+1:

I have a love/hate relationship with mine. I have had it a little under two years and over the last 4+ months it’s developed a strange charging/moisture detected issue. It’s a relatively widespread issue that affects a lot of Galaxy devices, but of course Samsung isn’t going to own up to it. So buyer be warned.

With all the unlocked S8s on Ebay for $130-$170, how is this a good deal?

I picked up one of these from the last deal and it was in horrible condition. Incredible amount of screen burn-in. That and they shipped a Tracfone variant, not the Verizon one listed in the sale. Shipping packaging was also terrible.

But the S8 unit I also ordered seems to be in decent shape. So, YMMV.