Samsung Galaxy S9 (Fully Unlocked) (S&D)

Samsung Galaxy S9 (Fully Unlocked) (S&D)

Are these phones compatible with Xfinity Comcast Mobile?
Not listed on the sheet of approved carriers so I think not but not sure how old the list is.
Is the IEMI # available for the phone being sold?

Miss @TT (ThunderThighs) will likely be able to hook you up with that information.

Hi there. We do not have the IEMI information as it is different for each phone. You might check with your carrier.


Yes, Xfinity Mobile only deals with IEMI #'s, they won’t approve a phone without the #.


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Yeah, some do that. If it helps any, we have a 30 day return policy.

Here’s our return policy:

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Can I turn this phone on with Metro?

This phone is unlocked to worked with GSM & CDMA. If you’re unsure, check with your carrier.


Pretty sure they would be since Xfinity uses the Verizon network, but best bet would be to ask Xfinity, or check their website for more info. If they are CDMA, I would imagine it would be compatible.



Just a reminder: Woot considers just carrier-unlocked as “unlocked”, so these may be otherwise locked (e.g. not rootable)

What GSM frequency bands does this telephone support? Just GSM-850 and GSM-1900 (for the Americas) or also GSM-900 and GSM-1800 (for Europe and Asia)?

Hm…interesting question.

What frequencies does Samsung say the Galaxy S9 G960U supports?

Buying used phones on the internet is…let’s just say…unreliable.

These phones are priced right tho. I lovelovelove my International Woot dual-sim unboxed new S9 I got here awhile back…

But listen, At $135 these phones are priced right, if you get a good one.

If I was guessing (who am I kidding? Totally guessing here) these were from a US market.

I don’t work for Woot or anything, I just have been hanging out in the used phone threads awhile. Plus It’s officially the weekend now. Probably no buyers or anybody to ask until Monday at the very earliest…


BTW, that is industry-standard terminology. Carrier-unlocked IS “fully unlocked.”

This whole “boot-loader” unlocked is not part of the standard industry parlance.

If a used phone does not specifically say “boot-loader unlocked” than you can assume it is not.

From where are you buying your phones that this is different?


Are these single SIM or dual SIM models?

Literally every Android phone I’ve purchased through normal retail channels (including used) has been bootloader-unlocked, worst case after being paid off. These include an Evo, Galaxy S3, S5, S7. S7 edge, S9+, S10, Note 5, and Note 8.

I used to root all my phones back when my carrier treated Hotspot data differential from mobile data, so with root I used an app that provided for USB connection to my laptop with that activity shrouded from the carriers.

Now, please show us these “industry-standard terminology” sources that use your definition. Android Central, Android Authority, XDA-Developers, Tom’s Guide, etc all disagree with you. (Manufacturers themselves won’t make that distinction because rooting isn’t sanctioned).

Uh…the specs tab is unclear on this. As mentioned earlier, not a whole lot of information on these $135 used phones.

Probably best to set your expectations low, and then be surprised if they are exceeded. :smiley:

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Only connects to 3G !!!

Huh. I think it’s been updated to reflect these are single-sim. Either that or we both missed it earlier. Ninja magic!

Where does it say that?

If I wasn’t such a HUGE BIG FAT FAN BOI of my S9 I probably wouldn’t be so vested in this thread. lol


Uh…also just noticed that the specs now reflect

Samsung Pay (Visa, MasterCard certified)

That is additional confirmation that these were US Market phones…international phones frequently lack that certification.

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