Samsung Galaxy S9+ (GSM Only)(S&D)

Samsung Galaxy S9+ (GSM Only)(S&D)

Hey Woot. Do the “refurbished” S9+ phones have new fresh long lasting bateries?

The batteries will be checked and replaced if needed.

I very leery of the word refurbished.

How do you check them, just because a phone powers up does not mean the battery is good.

A used year and a half year old battery is not refurbished no matter whether some battery tester say its good

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Our vendor does the refurbishing. I’m not sure exactly how it’s done but I can look for myself on my iPhone. It’s an easy check with the right equipment if it’s not built in to the phone system.

The battery is glued down and and somewhat difficult to remove by ordinary humans. (source -

But for the most part, it’s been my personal experience that Woot usually uses good refurb vendors. Looking back through prior refurb phone sales does show a wide range sometimes of customer satisfaction but mostly no complaints.

Woot has outstanding customer service and I have every confidence they would make things right if you got a bum phone.

They may have minor cosmetic blemishes to the body of the unit and surface scratches on the screen

These items are expected to have a moderate level of wear & tear including (but not limited to) scratches, dents, and dings.

So, which is it… minor or moderate?

Moderately minor?

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Used phones are such a dice throw aren’t they? Most likely they err on describing them in their worst terms, but I’ve seen my daughter’s phone. I would not buy my daughter’s phone.


Oh I’m a longtime woot buyer with very few problems and have no doubt the phone would work like it should.

But is it going to have 1/3 the battery life of a new battery?

What is GSM? Why don’t they work on verizon?

I think with the glued-down battery, and the hard-to-get-into sealed case the chances of them cracking it open and replacing the battery are slim. But I have had an S8 for a couple of years now. I use it quite a bit as a property manager and it will still keep a charge all day. I’m not playing Pokemon or watching videos but using it for scheduling, texts, some pictures, emails and of course phone calls. I think Samsung put good batteries in these. I hope so anyway, I ordered a new S9 right here on Woot a couple of days ago. ComeOnComeOnComeOn hurry up and get to me phone!

It’s the type of cellular technology some companies use. Here’s a little article explaining it:

Someone needs to just comment on every forum of the phones and say what companies it will work with. Lol

But this will work with AT&T according to the article right?

It should have between 70-80% battery life remaining.


Our theory (however incorrect), is if you’re going to offroad with your phone, you do a bit of research first. :\

hey woot
i plan to buy this phone, to use it with a mexican carrier (telcel)
will it be unlocked?

It is for GSM. As I understand it, GSM is not country specific.

Recently purchased 2 refurbished phones from Woot - one arrived dead, the other had a spent battery (Iphone with degraded battery at 80% which is considered spent by OEM). I don’t know who the Woot partner is for refurbished phones, but I suspect that ‘refurbished’ means used, and the batteries are whatever they are when the last person stopped using them. Proceed with caution.

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Does this count for Iphones? I purchased 2 Iphones earlier this month from Woot, and one arrived dead - the other one has a degraded battery that is at the point where the OEM (Apple) considers it to be a spent battery. Is the vendor for this refurbished deal the same one you used on the Apple deal?

I’m sorry. I don’t have the answer to your questions. I’m not a buyer so I don’t have vendor information.

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