Samsung Galaxy Stereo Headset Flat cord - 2 pk

Somewhat mixed reviews here:

Which ones will we get? The clearly knock off version in the first black picture that even has the name on the ear bud of SAMSNUG and not SAMSUNG, or the semi legitimate ones shown in the rest of the pictures? Reading reviews on these earbuds on Amazon and it seems there are lots of imitations out there that claim to be OEM. Are these really OEM or just a cheap knockoff?

OMG, that was so funny to see. I see they answered that query by removing the offending picture. LOL. Samsnug. rofl. I ordered the white, since I love these buds, but yeah, a little iffy at this point. SAMSNUG. lol. I can vouch I DID see the picture before they took it off.

Heh, whoops. Yeah, they’re Samsung. Not sure where that photo came from.

Ok, got mine and these are NOT the same quality. Something is wrong internally. One of them just makes the volume in my computer continually rise and the other hangs up on calls if I move the cord. Utter crap…

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These are definitely knockoff garbage. I have a genuine pair of this model and these are not even close.

Here to echo the sentiment of previous posters - these are garbage. I’ve only opened one of the pairs, but the left earbud didn’t work and the sound coming from the right had a ton of static.

I’ve had this happen with a pair that I purchased on Amazon, but figured Woot would actually check to make sure they’re truly OEM. They did not.